New tailor made Tokenbox portfolio solutions allow traders to execute digital asset management in a smart and safe way, while investors follow transparent and profitable strategies.

Creating and managing a digital asset portfolio is now easier than ever. The Tokenbox team has just introduced the latest platform update that made portfolio management even more safe and convenient for both traders and investors.

While traders can set entry and exit fees, therefore making substantial returns on trading, investors and passive traders can assess successful strategies and statistics and trust the traders with their funds. Tokenbox creates a perfect environment for the new generation of traders: there’s no need to keep records or conclude contracts with clients, as the platform takes all the paperwork and acts as a trusted middleman with its fully transparent service.

Investors’ trust is again ensured by increased security and a wide range of trading strategies to choose from, along with accessible data and statistics. Safety of users’ funds has always been a top priority for Tokenbox: while traders can use the funds when trading they are not able to withdraw. 

Platform’s user experience has also been enhanced by the development team: Tokenbox provides the most convenient and easy-to-use dashboard for trading digital assets.

Join Tokenbox today to launch your own portfolio for free and explore the platform’s features.

Disclaimer: consult the Terms of Portfolio Service.

Tokenbox is a convenient state-of-the-art platform for trading digital assets. Advanced security infrastructure, deposits options for both cryptocurrencies and bank cards, designated wallet that allows to convert currencies on site, multiple portfolios that can be managed under one account for various strategies - all this makes the platform a unique and simple tool for professional managers and digital funds. Tokenbox is aimed at creating a one-stop-shop, full scale service for buying, managing and investing in digital assets.