For a consecutive month, traders from all over the world have been competing in trading digital assets and increasing their ROI to win 1 million worth of TBX tokens.

Over 100 traders from Germany, Russia, Israel, Singapore and a dozen other countries challenged themselves and tried out their trading skills and strategies at the contest - and only 10 champions managed to show the best performance. The only indicator for obtaining a higher rating was the return gained during the competition period, calculated in USD.

A trader nicknamed “WhiteBear” made it to the top and took the gold with 12,3% ROI, along with the biggest prize of 350,000 TBX. “VikS” stepped on the winners toes and took the silver with nonetheless impressive result +11,9%. He won 200,000 TBX. “Mike1992” rocked and placed third with his +11,6% ROI, taking 100,000 TBX home.

All three chose to deposit prize balances to their Tokenbox accounts. They confessed that they have plans to launch their own portfolios on the platform.

Winners who were ranked from 1 to 10 have already been pre-approved as Tokenbox designated portfolio managers. They are able to create a portfolio for managing investor’s assets on the Tokenbox platform.

The platform has undergone a serious development and now is ready to provide a wide range of options for traders, both professional asset managers and those who would like to train their skills. The update is a major leap frog - stay tuned to learn more about new amazing functions for investment and digital asset management.