The brand new Tokenplace crypto exchange platform is launching its coin in an attempt to take institutional crypto trading tools to the public with a multi-exchange interface.

No one has ever doubted the innovative seed that lies at the core of the blockchain and cryptocurrency environment. But even Bitcoin (BTC) remains far from being a viable alternative to fiat money. The technology is there, as are the practical solutions, such as BTC debit cards and such. So, what are we missing? To answer in a single word: maturity.

Maturity is an elusive concept that has to do with a wide variety of things that end up making or breaking an idea’s success in the real world. Due to relentless scams, the cryptoverse lacks trust from the general public.

This is normal when it comes to any new technology, especially one that intends to substitute money. It will change as time goes by and information spreads around the world. But another sign of immaturity in the cryptoverse is a more tangible problem: lack of infrastructure.

Let’s be clear about what we mean by infrastructure. There are plenty of exchanges for cryptocurrencies and other financial applications that take advantage of blockchain technology for fintech and decentralized finance. The problem doesn’t lay there. The problem, instead, is that so far, all the development comes from technology experts with little or no expertise in the financial trade.

This means that potential traders seasoned in the traditional systems come to crypto and find a series of technologies they don’t recognize. In a way, they come to wet their feet in the crypto stream; they find that the water is too cold; and they walk away to swim in their usual pool. This is about to change.

Tokenplace: A new way of doing things

Once upon a time, not too long ago, two cryptocurrency traders with deep business backgrounds came together and saw how the current multi-exchange systems available to investors and retail traders are inefficient. Different places offer different trading pairs, and prices are inconsistent across the board.

Therefore, you can’t do all your business in a single location; you have to use several platforms simultaneously if you want to make some headway. It’s a far cry from the forex trade, in which a single provider can get you all you need at the same basic prices and trends you can find in any other.

So, this group of traders came together under the name of Tokenplace to launch a different kind of trading place, in which users can trade simultaneously across all exchanges in a seamless way. The system’s engine is called Token Trade, and it includes a set of liquidity pools on all the leading exchanges. The TOK token is the unit of exchange among the different accounts.

This new token is going online today on TrustSwap, and its issuers have the full intent to disrupt crypto trading worldwide.

Among the new services available in the beta version of the platform is Tokenplace Elite, which is a subscription-based service. The monthly fee is so economical that the savings you get from a single trade could be enough to pay for it. TP Elite can connect to 30+ leading exchanges and offers order-splitting algorithms. But you can use the free version as well, which includes all your basic order types.

The site’s design has beginners in mind so that the trading experience is quite friendly. But the tools are, nevertheless, there so that the more experienced investor can find all the bells and whistles needed to practice the trade.

There is something for everyone. While the software is not live yet (beta release next month, full release next year), if the new platform succeeds, it will go a long way in bringing crypto trading much closer to the mainstream. That, in turn, can facilitate mainstream adoption and obtain, at last, the maturity that cryptocurrencies have lacked since Satoshi Nakamoto’s first publication years ago.

We will have to see how the public reacts to Tokenplace’s new offer. It could embrace it wholeheartedly or ignore it. Today’s launch is a critical milestone for the project. It will keep expanding until Token Trade’s full power is available to the public around next year’s final months. It will be an exciting ride to be a part of.


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