Los Angeles, Nov. 8, 2021 – MADworld, or the Multiverse Artist Defender, the Animoca Brands-backed NFT Experience and Origination Platform, is partnering with top content creator Airrack to mint collectible memorabilia NFTs related to Airrack’s newly announced Xtreme Pong event.

Xtreme Pong is a ping pong tournament livestream hosted by Airrack in collaboration with twelve globally popular creators, including Zach King, Brent Rivera, ZHC and Bryce Hall. The tournament will pit all twelve creators against each other in a knockout-style tournament to determine who has the most dominant ping pong skills and will win the $120,000 tournament prize pool. The tournament will air live on Airrack’s YouTube channel to his 2.5 million subscribers on Saturday, Nov. 13, 2021 at 9 pm UTC.

Xtreme Pong will also be Airrack’s first foray into the world of NFTs, with MADworld serving as the event’s exclusive NFT development partner. Generating NFTs from original content has always been a widely accepted use case with high consumer demand. TikTok recently announced that it has begun helping content creators and celebrities with developing and selling NFTs from past viral content. NFTs are now breathing new life into the never-before-seen libraries of Hollywood, with Quentin Tarantino leading the recent trend. 

Xtreme Pong is a pilot live event content series produced by Airrack and Kollyde, who have linked the NFTs to decision-making power, giving owners some influence over the future of Xtreme content. MADworld is supporting the production by developing the event’s NFTs and building a strategy that assures the creator is providing his fans with the ultimate utility — one that gives them a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

“It’s important to me to engage my subscribers and give them actual control over the channel’s outcome and direction,” said Eric Decker, AKA Airrack. “This partnership with MADworld is a really exciting opportunity to give the community a vehicle for future ownership and involvement through NFTs.”

Xtreme Pong chose MADworld as a partner for its commitment to defending creators in NFT development as well as the organization’s expertise in fusing NFTs with physical collectibles. The event will offer three tiers of memorabilia NFTs, the most common of which are NFTs representing event gear used by the competitors. Unique digital art NFTs will also be created by competing artists during live art battles taking place during the event to capture the best moments in still form.

MADworld will partner with each creator to auction off a rare “apex” NFT tied to their physical paddle used during the event. These NFTs will be the first of their kind, not only connecting the NFT with a physical item but also being an exclusive, one-of-a-kind NFT made by a single creator. These exclusive NFTs from each creator will go to the highest bidder in an auction that will last the duration of the livestream event to drive more competition between the creators and excitement for fans.

Owning any Xtreme Pong event NFTs will provide membership into an exclusive Xtreme community that includes voting power when deciding the direction of future content and privileged access to future Xtreme events as a spectator or participant.

“We don’t believe you need to be a crypto enthusiast to want to own an NFT,” added Jordan Heathfield, MADworld’s head of marketing. “The Xtreme Pong format is an example of how the right utility can drive demand for any NFT. It will be one of the most innovative livestream events of 2021 and will set new industry standards.”

With a combined reach of over 300 million subscribers across all creator accounts, the event will raise awareness of NFTs, increasing both industry engagement and NFT purchasing among more mainstream audiences. This is a tremendous opportunity for the tech to be brought into the mainstream, as the event NFTs will be used as memorabilia with extended utility and be sold at a live event featuring some of the biggest names in content creation.

Airrack has pulled together a phenomenal group of creators for this evolved program that involves fans into a new concept of content creation by making them part of the brand’s development. This method’s integration of the creator, community and content will drive long-term value for all stakeholders and serve as a model for how creators can drive community engagement in the future.

To learn more about the NFTs on offer during Xtreme Pong, visit xpp.madworld.io

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