Aug. 24, 2021 — In August, Torii Finance, the next-generation decentralized finance yield management and optimization protocol, launched its first three public staking rounds with an astonishing annual percentage yield or annual percentage rate of over 3,000% (76% yield per week on average to date). Designed to enable similar qualities and opportunities on the Binance Smart Chain that Yearn Finance enables for Ethereum, the team decided to put their money where their mouth is and build their first DeFi instruments before launching any marketing — and the results have been spectacular. With a maximum total supply of only 32,000 Torii Finance (TORII) tokens and an initial circulating supply of 16,000 TORII tokens, the token design has similarities to Yearn Finance that should be taken notice of.


Being only one month in production, Torii Finance has not only grown its community from its launch but also enlisted significant industry partners to validate its approach and focus on driving community-orientated value.

Its partnerships include leading players in the deflationary token space (Goma Finance, discussed below), nonfungible token infrastructure (Stem) and one of the leading computing storage companies from China to maximize its visibility throughout the Asian region.

Through these partnerships, Torii Finance looks to expand its technology and value-driving opportunities, as well as maximize exposure to new regions, markets and communities that stand to gain from the tools that have been created, such as its flagship staking products, savings and vaults as well as DDAM, which is a decentralized digital asset management utility for fungible tokens and NFTs.

Why Torii Finance?

Torii Finance is designed to bring new and next-generation solutions and tools to the DeFi space with a focus on the BSC. This decentralized set of protocols aim to empower communities with several decentralized finance instruments that help provide low-risk, high-reward opportunities.

Torii Finance is focused on the adoption of blockchain through wealth and opportunity creation for everyone without borders.

What is next?

Torii Finance is in the process of launching its products, iiEarn, iiSave, iiLend/Borrow and iiAssetize, and will hold a presale at the end of August. The months of September and October will show huge improvements and growth for its team, technology and communities worldwide.

Public sale

The first public sale will take place at the end of August. All citizens from countries that allow initial coin offering participation are eligible.

Goma Finance — A notable partner

With the wave of new projects, very few projects stand out and partnerships are difficult to navigate. However, as Torii Finance’s first staking partner, Goma Finance has proven to encompass Torii’s team values and brings significant value to the table in terms of opportunities for it and its own communities. Torii Finance believes Goma Finance will be a significant role-player in its future endeavors.

About Torii Finance

Founded in 2021, Torii Finance is a next-generation DeFi company with a focus on building community-oriented financial mechanisms and protocols to enable yield management and optimization for the masses, as well as consensus or community-driven governance to enable a decentralized autonomous environment.

For more information about Torii, please visit its website.




About Goma Finance

Goma Finance is a hyper-deflationary staking and DeFi token giving access to DeFi instruments and digital assets or NFTs with a focus on community-driven support. Its community stretches globally from the United States through Europe and Asia.

For more information on Goma Finance, please visit its website.