On April 10, 2021, TosDis is taking another step toward the goal of cross-chain compatibility and is implementing the fast-growing Binance Smart Chain into its infrastructure. This will include new staking and farming pools and a brand new and overhauled platform UI for improved user experience.

Since we’ve lowered the barrier of entry of staking even further, users now have the possibility to migrate any ERC-20 token to the Binance Smart Chain and vice versa. That includes the native TosDis token DIS, which will also be listed on the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap.

PancakeSwap listing

PancakeSwap is the leading liquidity provider on BSC and the biggest decentralized exchange in the crypto space. With a comfortable daily volume of just under $4 billion and liquidity of around $2.3 billion, PancakeSwap offers a healthy and steadily growing marketplace to its 47.5 million active wallets. Listing TosDis on the exchange complements the ERC-20–BEP-20 bridge, allowing users to wrap their tokens for cross-chain usage.

Overview of the TosDis platform

Completely removing the exhaustive and oftentimes technically advanced processes that go with staking, TosDis’ EasyStake system allows anyone to stake their assets without any barriers or hassles. With staking and yield farming gaining more popularity, staking-as-a-service providers are going to be in ever-expanding demand. And with the integrated swapping protocol called TosDex, it will also bring a low-fee decentralized exchange to the platform that enables users to trade their digital assets on an open marketplace. 

The existing DeFi services create barriers for new and existing users to farm and earn specific digital assets. In order to tackle these barriers, TosDis will be operating across all major blockchains. By doing so, TosDis wants to build a culture that is set out to unify and decentralize the DeFi world of crypto. 

Bringing security and power to DeFi ecosystems by utilizing their already-available digital assets through staking is a concept that is becoming more essential in the crypto landscape today. TosDis will unify all proof-of-work and proof-of-stake projects to create staking pools of tokens in a decentralized way and help to provide liquidity to all blockchain ecosystems. 


With crypto growing at a lightning pace, newcomers and veteran users alike are searching for reliable and easy-to-use applications that provide not only investment opportunities but also ways to let their investments work for them. 

Essentially, TosDis brings all the needed features a user could look for: an easy-to-use website with state-of-art security and infrastructure that was meant to be used across all blockchains, giving the user flexibility and freedom over their investments. Decentralized finance has been growing at an exponential rate, giving users the closest alternative to traditional banking in the crypto world. However, there are some barriers to entry that TosDis will try to knockdown. 

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