The metaverse continues to blur the line between physical and digital life as more become dual-citizens of these realities, traveling between them seamlessly. Today, someone’s digital self works jobs, plays games and socializes — all within the virtual realms of the metaverse.

As it becomes more common for people to split their time between the physical world and the metaverse, demand is growing for greater continuity between the physical and virtual selves, including virtual luxury-lifestyle goods to show off unique styles anywhere in the metaverse.

Trace Network Labs, a nonfungible token (NFT) based luxury lifestyle-metaverse platform, has launched its first product, Buddy, which allows users to create real-looking digital avatars decked out in the latest fashion and accessories for multiple chains and metaverses. During the next five years, Trace Network Labs is aiming to onboard 1 billion users.

Buddy will be a major stepping stone in facilitating Trace Network Labs’ building of metaverses powered by NFTs and digital fashion and will be a key component in allowing creators to build digital life experiences for metaverse residents. As part of Buddy, any fashion asset — from avatars to accessories to apparel — will be minted and stored on-chain as NFTs. Users can then let their imaginations run wild, dressing up their virtual selves in a nearly endless combination of style options from digital wardrobes. Buddy users — or “Buddies” — can buy limited-edition, wearable NFTs directly from Trace Network Labs’ Bling NFT marketplace set to launch next quarter.

Trace Network Labs works with luxury-lifestyle brands, helping connect them with metaverse inhabitants through smart contracts and decentralized finance (DeFi) to sell high-end goods to customers always wanting to look their best on nights out, whether real-life or the metaverse.

Trace Network Labs imagines a world where the virtual and physical worlds converge into a single, shared reality. Rather than fearing this future, Trace Network Labs is embracing it and approaching the unknown with optimism. Beyond its groundbreaking utilitarian use, Buddy also represents a quantum leap toward imbuing virtual lives with a greater degree of emotional connection, allowing users to join vibrant communities, forge genuine friendships and create meaningful new memories with others across the street or halfway across the world.

What is distinct about Buddy is its role as a portal to any metaverse. With Buddy NFTs, users can attend business meetings, virtual conferences, social events and gaming sessions while interacting with realistic gestures and animations. Additionally, users can create Buddies of relatives to remember them forever.

About Trace Network Labs

Founded as Trace Network, Trace Network Labs builds technology with the ultimate goal of creating a lifestyle NFT-based protocol for the metaverse, ushering in the next generation of luxury goods where the real and virtual worlds become one. Its mission is to be a part of transforming how the digital and real-life selves interact and consume luxury products, freeing consumers to migrate between worlds with both identities intact seamlessly.