The IOI corporation is not a new company on the market and it is also one of the most progressive and goal-driven ones in the crypto space. The startup decided to build a blockchain ecosystem more than two years ago, and it is currently named Trade Race Manager (TRM) with more than 55,000 daily active users powered by nonfungible tokens with one token economy suitable for gamers, traders and crypto enthusiasts.

The dream to build a sustainable play-to-earn model finally came true. One of the main criticisms of crypto so far is that it has no real-world value or application, but the IOI corporation makes you reconsider what real-world value is.

TRM is a game that brings unlimited rewards and play-to-earn mechanics. The core gameplay is centered around the trading of NFTs while enjoying cryptocurrency trading at the same time. Besides this, you can also enjoy binary fights. Additionally, a completely new game is coming out soon.

For TRM, the value comes from providing meaning, income and opportunity to the players directly.

The team is working hard to add more NFT utilities and not only representing the collectibles or gaming items. One of the biggest challenges for any cryptocurrency project is creating tangible utility for its underlying tokens or assets. As we’ve all seen over the years, many projects launch without a product and with tokens with no actual use case.

We encourage you to join the adventure. Besides playing the free races, you can try the following:

  • Get staking rewards with NFTs.

  • Enjoy NFT races and win IOI prizes.

  • Become the team owner or manager.

  • Get additional bonuses as a premium member.

  • Profit more as an affiliate.

  • Buy and sell our NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace.

Register on the TRM website and join the race, where you can choose if you want to play a free race or an NFT race. NFT races have more benefits for you, such as bigger prizes for winners. Players can fuel their cars with gas in the form of the cryptocurrency of their choice and play. The possibility of winning the race depends on the real cryptocurrency performance the players chose at the moment of the race as their portfolio.

The top 10 racers of each race win IOI tokens, which is the IOI corporation’s own cryptocurrency and is fully tradable on various decentralized and centralized crypto exchanges. Moreover, the token is interoperable with Ethereum, Polygon and the Binance network. The idea of making money just by playing games is wonderful, as you don’t need anything to start but simply a desire to play.

The players with NFT cars get access to more races with great prizes to win.

We have many players racing a lot on TRM to earn as many IOI tokens as possible. The prizes for the NFT races range from 0.2 IOI to 12 IOI tokens.

We appreciate you racing on TRM. We also worked hard on new projects and updates for you and we came up with the idea that you deserve more. That’s the reason why we tripled the earnings for a race win. As such, if you win the race now, you can earn up to 36 IOI tokens. All you need is an activated premium membership and a bit of crypto knowledge to win the races.

Earning IOI tokens just from winning races is cool, but imagine if you could win something bigger, such as a car or even $40,000 worth of IOI tokens. With that said, we’re launching the biggest NFT competition this summer. You could win a Tesla Model S or $40,000 in IOI tokens just by racing.

The competition to win a Tesla isn’t any more difficult than our basic races. There are just a few rules you need to follow.

The IOI corporation is already proving a lot of things important to crypto’s long-term success:

  • NFTs are alive and well, and their success does not depend on high-ticket art sales but quite the opposite.

  • People who are unfamiliar with crypto are being onboarded to crypto through a video game.

  • Crypto can create new economic opportunities for all types of people globally, not just whales, decentralized finance degenerates and Bitcoin (BTC) maximalists.

  • Crypto’s network effects can create unbelievably fast-growing businesses.

TRM is getting bigger and stronger quickly and this is just the beginning of a whole new era of the NFT and crypto world. Stay tuned.

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