Tradelize, known as Professional Trading Terminal for crypto, announced its rebranding to Traders Social Network backed by real trading stats. Tradelize built the Tradelize Social Trading Portal and the Tradelize Social Network. Tradelize Social Trading Portal makes it possible for users to view, share and copy other traders’ trades in real-time. Tradelize Social Network opens cryptocurrency trading to all levels of expertise. Beginners can ride the success of experts by communicating with other traders and studying their activities, while professionals will benefit by building their brand and reputation and attracting funds for copying their trades and signals. All trader profiles are completely transparent, and now users have the opportunity to verify statistics and statements made by traders.

The Tradelize Trading Terminal remains an integral part of the Tradelize ecosystem. It provides direct market access, allowing traders to trade on 10+ exchanges in one united interface. Professional traders will also find many other unique trading features — e.g., market screener, arbitrage finder, hotkeys, a customizable user interface and more.

“The first time I paid attention to crypto markets was back in 2017 after more than 10+ years spent on Wall Street. Back then, I saw huge potential but very poor solutions making trading crypto almost impossible for professionals that were used to advanced software and features. Tradelize’s goal in the very beginning was to give professionals an advanced tool for crypto trading, thus opening this market to thousands of institutional traders. Now, institutions are actively entering the market, and it’s completely clear that it was the right bet,” said Tradelize founder and CEO Anton Zapolskyi. “Tradelize is expanding, and our mission is to transform crypto trading by connecting amateurs and professionals, providing advanced features for both sides, and finally bringing much-needed trust to the industry.”

“Tradelize recognizes the importance of trust between traders and investors and encourages both parties to use the transparency of the Tradelize platform to benefit both. Professional traders can focus on what they do the best — trading — without losing their focus on fundraising and negotiations. In this way, traders build their own reputation by providing a track record. At the same time, amateurs are getting the opportunity not only to copy trade the best but also to choose this ‘best’ through Tradelize’s transparency. Transparent statistics also allow investors to make informed decisions on traders’ returns, risks and strategy,” said Vitalis Elkins, a former Cointelegraph executive who joined the team as the chief operating officer several months ago.

About Tradelize

Tradelize was founded in 2018 by ex-Wall Street trader Anton Zapolskyi and offers a professional cryptocurrency trading terminal for advanced traders. Tradelize is 100% bootstrapped with $2.5 million invested in the product.

In 2020, Tradelize users executed trades for $100+ Million in volume. During the Social Platform soft launch phase, Tradelize users copied more than 200,000 trades and more than 5,000 posts were published.

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Anton Zapolskyi -, CEO
Vitalis Elkins -, COO