QCon returns to New York this June 15-17. The conference sessions are organized by a team of senior software leaders focused on bringing you talks that drive innovation and change. All talks focus on patterns and practices (rather than products) and sharing implementable ideas you can take away. Don’t miss the chance to join over 1,000 global software leaders in New York this June. 

QCon New York will feature 15 technical tracks plus three sponsored tracks. Tracks include:

  • Architectures You've Always Wondered About;
  • Operating Microservices & Scalable Systems;
  • Production Readiness;
  • Evolving Java - Including K8s/Containers, Kotlin and Impact on AOT;
  • Troubleshooting in Production;
  • Native Compilation Is Back (A Look at Non-Vm Compilation Targets);
  • Bare-knuckle performance;
  • You as a Leader / Humane Leadership;
  • Modern CS in the Real World;
  • Blameless Culture;
  • Ethical Considerations in Software;
  • The Paved Road: Effective DevEx;
  • Predictive Architectures powered by Machine Learning;
  • Data Engineering on the Bleeding Edge;
  • Security and Financial Systems.

Announcing our committee members; the people developing QCon New York 2020 talks:

  • Courtney Hemphill, Partner & Tech Lead at CarbonFive;
  • Susanne Kaiser, Tech Consultant, ex-Startup-CTO, co-organizer at serverlessHAM;
  • Tony Printezis, JVM/GC Engineer at Twitter & Twitter Rep at JCP Executive Committee;
  • Harry Brumleve, Architect: Solution/Systems (integration focused);
  • Michelle Brush, SRE Manager at Google;
  • Sid Anand, Chief Data Engineer at PayPal;
  • Werner Schuster, Conference Chair & InfoQ Editor Functional Programming at Wolfram.

QCon isn’t just a software conference. It’s the place where senior software engineers, tech leads, and architects come together to learn, share, and push each other to drive innovation in the software industry. Join us and be exposed to both technical and non-technical talks, ranging from personal development to socially conscious software, or diversity and inclusion in the software industry.

"I like the different tracks at QCon because I often go to conferences focused on one particular technology or domain. QCon has a track for everyone, both highly technical and somewhat technical."

– Philip Masiewicz, Software Engineering Manager at Fannie Mae