Triverse’s TVER token is listed on the global cryptocurrency exchanges Hotbit and LBank. Its developer company, TVM Inc. (TVM), recently announced the launch of its blockchain-based Sports Metaverse and Nonfungible Token (NFT) Market, where TVER will be used as a governance currency. The expected release date is later this year.

Triverse, a sports metaverse developed by TVM Inc. (TVM), is a global sports metaverse platform project that provides virtual space and content for enjoying sports and entertainment. Inside Triverse, users can enjoy various content provided by TVM and its partnered global sports properties and receive rewards in the form of NFTs. Users can also purchase NFTs from TVM’s NFT Market and also have an opportunity to receive rewards in TVER tokens depending on their meta-occupation, fame and NFT status, while enjoying the provided virtual experiences customized to their liking.

NFT is one of the main products of Triverse. Its NFTs include but are not limited to premium citizenships, avatars, consumable goods, premium currency packs, occupational items, metaverse real estate and sports-related goods, all usable in and outside the TRIVERSE. All NFTs will be provided in a vast arrangement of numbers to meet the needs of its diverse user base.

TVER is a token created based on the BNB Smart Chain blockchain, which will be used as a governance token for trading NFTs in TVM’s NFT Market. TVER will also be available as a reward for participating in various events on Triverse.  

With the release of the Triverse prototype video, the price of TVER tokens recently skyrocketed, starting their climb from 0.5 Tether (USDT) to an average price of 10 USDT. TVER is also gaining a lot of attention from cryptocurrency fans in the official Triverse Telegram community and on its Twitter.

Triverse’s NFT market and metaverse are expected to be announced in 2022. TVM is also preparing an NFT pre-sale event, as well as a metaverse pre-registration event.

More information on TRIVERSE and TVER is available through the following communities, social media and official sites.