Treasureland Market builds a unique frictionless trading platform that enables users to enjoy the fun of gold mining in their marketplace. This multichain NFT Issuance is empowering users to mint NFTs with just a click. Through the platform, they can easily buy, sell, auction, or mine NFTs.

Recently, the NFT ecosystem is undergoing an evolution by adding NFC (Non-Fungible Contract). NFC is a decentralized contract issuance protocol that executes the complex structure spot and future investment contracts.

The issuance and offering of the NFC will allow blockchain entrepreneurs to have flexible access to funding.  Also, Investors and stakeholders will enjoy better liquidity in an optimized mezzanine market for blockchain.

Among the first applications of NFC in the NFT industry is Treasureland that seeks to try NFT on Dego market.

Mezzanine and NFT assets

Mezzanine is vital for the blockchain market. The middle market acts as a bridge between the primary and secondary markets for private equity. When buyers purchase the actual tokens, futures usually deliver the token after they undergo the lockup period. This results in the rise of three core issues that include.

  • Lack of liquidity - Lack of liquidity is a significant problem for traders in the cryptocurrency ecosystem when investing in the primary market.   A number of their tokens are usually held up due to this lack of liquidity.  Thus, they can’t respond in time, making it easier for them to miss trading signal making and hard to transfer and circulate stakes at the right time.
  • Cost of friction - it's generally challenging to transfer locked-up stakes by finding a credible counterparty.
  • Both projects and investors suffer high frictional costs because of untrustworthy middlemen.

To solve these problems, NFT seeks to establish a mezzanine market having liquidity and trust by connecting the contractual utility of NFT.

In the past, the price of NFT was determined based on individual beauty or value. Dego, is attempting to change this game by pioneering the concept of 'synthetic NFT asset.' It combined the Fungible tokens to Non- Fungible tokens. 

With these changes, the attributes then depended on digital grades' underlying value like mining and power. Drill NFTs and Pick NFTs are some examples of NFT s assets that Dego team and community created for the NFT Mining.

Dego later created a Non-fungible contract, a type of NFT assets where proof of assets and proof of rights are equally important.

What potential does NFT have?

The Dego team has its mind fixed on unleashing the true potential of the NFT by focusing on its combination with DeFi.  NFT's practical and financial nature will be the future of blockchain technology.

Shaping of Non- fungible contract is an exciting step Dego has taken. As much as the team respects everyone’s mind concerning intellectual property and Arts, the team believes in more innovation in infrastructure and the protocol layer. An NFT should represent both a complex item and a complex structure of value.

The future of NFT

In as much as the future is getting crowded, it’s promising. Unfortunately, alternatives assets like properties are exchanged for more value than standard assets like stocks.

Nevertheless, nobody knows what to expect, but the beauty of sprouting new things is what we hope for. If no one else will create the beauty, NFT is willing to be pioneers, putting in the work first.

What is Dego Finance

Dego Finance is an NFT+ DeFi protocol and infrastructure. It has two functions.  One function is acting as an independent and open NFT system hence drawing users to the blockchain space.  Additionally, it’s building an NFT protocol that will provide a cross-chain Layer-2 infrastructure.

Dego Finance is building on multiple blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, and Ethereum. It allows blockchain projects to acquire more users, distribute tokens, and develop more diverse NFT applications.

The platform has DEGO NFT suite that offers a variety of products that help in managing the lifestyle of the NFTs.  The NFT foundry mint suite has rare attributes and grades. Here, the Finance NFT's like ERC-20, DEGO, or BEP-20 tokens are backed by token deposits when being minted. The deposited tokens can be decomposed to be released.

The NFT Mining allows staking of NFTS and mining rewards. The auction suites allow NFT auctions to be carried out in the form of the FOMO3D auctions.  Lastly, the ScanDrop is a dApp for users to participate in NFT airdrops by scanning QR codes.

The first use of NFC on Treasureland

Dego will be trying out for the first time the initial offering of the Dego on Treasureland. The NFT marketplace allows users to trade NFT’s at Treasureland.  We are hopeful that the social experiment would be adventurous and successful.

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