TripLeverage, a top-rated traveling platform, is excited to announce the launch of its unique TripLeverage (TLT) token via a fair initial liquidity offering (ILO) on Aug. 23 on Unicrypt.

This news comes after TripLeverage recently revealed its incubation by BitBook, a large travel crypto that offers safety through an audit, doxxing and Know Your Customer, as well as provides access to its community, funding and lead flow in the future.

TripLeverage’s primary aim in introducing TLT is to ensure its clients get the best travel experience coupled with blockchain technology. 

Taking off on Unicrypt

The exciting experience begins on Unicrypt, with a pre-sale fair launch set on Aug. 23. However, with TLT, there’s more than meets the eye. TripLeverage will move forward using 100% of its own generated revenue to burn TLT tokens. This shows how highly the platform values its client investments on the token. 

The token’s initial sale is fair so that no one will receive discounts. Moreover, this exclusivity also ensures no team tokens of any kind so clients can rest assured. You are also required to own at least 3 UniCrypt (UNCX) to participate. The TLT token is a BEP-20 token. You can participate in the Unicrypt ILO here.

Some details of the initial sale are as follows:

  • Token ticker or symbol: TLT
  • The ILO takes place on Unicrypt on Aug. 23
  • Initial sale price: 1 TLT = 0.0000433 Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Maximum supply: 120 million TLT


TripLeverage will sell 100% of the total supply of TLT during the ILO. TLT’s deflationary mechanism involves a 10% transaction (buy or sell) tax. The division of the value will occur under viable parameters including marketing, burning, reflection and salary. The full breakdown of the 10% transaction tax is as follows:

  • TLT holders receive 3% of the transaction tax proportional to their token wallet size
  • TripLeverage will lock 2% to the liquidity pool
  • 2% goes to the token burn
  • 1% is allocated to the buying and burning of BitBook (BBT)
  • 1% of the value funds marketing
  • 1% stands as the team’s salary

There will be no other offering, and TripLeverage’s incubator BitBook will not receive any tokens. Therefore, you should take full advantage of the fair initial sale.

A traveling partner that minds the client’s finances

TripLeverage plans to duly reward the TLT community for rewarding clients who refer others to the TripLeverage ecosystem. The generous rewards involve giving back 50% of the net revenue, which equals 1% of the booking amount, to the referrer. Furthermore, TripLeverage aims to give another 1% of the total booking amount back to the community via buying and burning TLT.

Moreover, the platform not only wants to benefit the community but also boost the sustainability of TLT. By adopting parameters similar to principles of static rewards, TripLeverage eliminates the troubles users face under farming rewards. How is this possible? The way this works is as follows:

  • At TripLeverage, the reward amount depends on the number of tokens traded.
  • The more you hold your TLT, the more the reflection mechanism behind TLT favors you and you will receive a higher kickback

TripLeverage’s token burning mechanism will benefit enthusiasts in the journey for the long term. Aside from BitBook’s incubation, TripLeverage’s KYC protocol is verified by Solidproof and audited by QuillAudits.

About TripLeverage

TripLeverage is an all-in-one business travel platform helping companies manage their travel expenses. The platform allows companies to save up to 34% on hotel rates with an additional 20% value-added tax (VAT) waiver on travel expenses. Juliana Passos, a supply chain expert with vast experience acquired from working in several companies, carries the entity’s torch. Learn more about TripLeverage by visiting its website. Join the TripLeverage community on Telegram here.