Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) with profile pictures (PFPs) have dominated the NFT ecosystem lately. The generative avatar projects exploded in popularity in 2021, and their ubiquity has only risen as the NFT ecosystem has evolved in 2022. 

Since the beginning of 2022, no collection has surpassed the legendary collections created by Larva or Yuga labs until now:

Troll Town grew rapidly on Twitter with the influx of followers after its first tweet on June 3, going from zero to 100,000 followers in four days. 

The project’s free mint began on June 5, two days after its first tweet, and the collection of 10,000 sold out in 30 minutes. However, the website was temporarily overloaded due to 12,000 people attempting to participate in the whitelist. 

This is perhaps because the collection offered a free mint for the first NFT, with the rest at 0.03 Ether (ETH). Those who minted three NFTs received a free TROLLTOWN token land sale and Mutant Elixir via airdrop. 

The collection’s floor price skyrocketed on OpenSea after selling out, with investors making tenfold the initial investment as the market kept rising. Troll Town is topping every statistic this year, including a 1,000% price increase in three days. 

There is a current bear market, and people prefer to hold liquid cash. However, OpenSea figures say otherwise: TrollTown seems like an asset unaffected by market conditions since it’s successfully surpassed $3 million in volume since its launch day. It is surpassing Yuga Labs, the $4-billion company behind giants such as Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Otherdeed, CryptoPunks and several others.

The massive success of this launch and the market leaders surpassed have garnered attention from the NFT community, including some of the industry’s most famous thought leaders, some of which have been impressed by Troll Town and offered partnership opportunities amid Troll Town’s token release, airdrops and land sales. 

The project is backed by Mohamed Beiraghdary — also known as Mo Vlogs — a Dubai-based car and luxury vlogger, United States rapper Soulja Boy and legendary football player Ronaldinho. Troll Town has trended worldwide on Twitter and specifically in the United Arab Emirates, thanks to Mo Vlogs. 

Investors think the future of blue-chip trading is here, with a justifiable floor price of more than 50 ETH. 

Despite only being around for six days, the buzz and community has increased tenfold. With continuing backing from renowned names, unusual drops and utility, the collection will establish its mark and be known as its own name, rather than being compared to projects such as the Bored Apes Yacht Club. Its upcoming token release will be worthwhile for its community and drive it to the next level. 

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