Tronipay, a global payment platform breaks all barriers with its International Card - UnionPay.

After a long time of projections, the company has launched its UnionPay International Card, which enables users from any country in the world to get their Tronipay Card.

Exactly! People from any country can get a Tronipay account and buy their UnionPay International Card.

The Prepaid Card works worldwide for withdrawals and purchases and users will be to use a Multicurrency card, that allow users to load the card via FIAT or Crypto.

The currency for card loading is TRP (Tronipay) and the company has created an internal OTC that enables the exchange of any currency for TRP.

As a result, the company broke the shipping and receiving barrier of any country in the world at the lowest rate on the market.

If you need to send money to a relative in another country, just get the Tronipay Card that you can send money to him instantly.

The company has grown by over 40% this year, after the launch of its TRP Card and Digital Currency, with  offices in the United States, Europe, Singapore, Costa Rica and is opening a new one in Panama.

Always innovating in the financial world, Tronipay will launch later this year an IBAN system with the partnership of a Bank in Panama for all its users and a BlackCard that will enable VIP customers to transact larger amounts on their Cards.

And this week, the company will launch its Google Pay app for users, turning it into a true global digital bank.

This is a great solution for Exchanges, FX and other companies that need to make payments to customers and affiliates worldwide.

The Company also has a complete payment processing solution throughout LATAM and ASIA.

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