Singapore — Dec. 16, 2022 — We are thrilled to announce that TCNH, a stablecoin pegged to offshore Chinese yuan (CNH) at 1:1, is launching on the Tron blockchain, one of the fastest-growing public blockchains where users can obtain, hold and trade the token.

It is worth noting that TCNH is a stablecoin pegged to offshore Chinese yuan (CNH). Offshore currencies are stored and traded outside the issuing country and are not subject to its financial regulations. They are often used as foreign exchange reserves or for international investments or settlements. TCNH is safe and transparent, complies with all relevant legal and technical requirements, and is audited by world-leading accounting firms.

TCNH provides a new option for millions of users on the Tron blockchain. It’s the latest manifestation of our commitment to digitizing traditional fiat currencies and further connecting the crypto world with the real world. TCNH will become a part of increasingly diverse stablecoin offerings for global users.

A TCNH representative commented:

“We’ve seen that financial markets like Hong Kong are moving towards becoming a global hub for digital currencies so our products are constantly evolving. We believe that TCNH will further cement our leading position in digital currency infrastructure and contribute to our effort of building a trustworthy and decentralized global payment network.”

About TCNH

TCNH is a TRON-based stablecoin pegged to Offshore Chinese Yuan (CNH) at 1:1. For more information, please check out our Twitter and Medium.

Media Contact

Chase Chen