On June 13, Jeff Kirdeikis, the creator of TrustSwap, announced that his company acquired The Crypto App — one of the largest cryptocurrency apps in the world.

TrustSwap is a decentralized finance project created by Jeff Kirdeikis, who originally planned to create a project for peer-to-peer over-the-counter crypto transactions. Meanwhile, the project quickly started evolving in numerous different directions, such as rolling out a launchpad, acquiring its largest competitor for token locks and creating a number of other financial solutions.

Last week, Kirdeikis announced that TrustSwap acquired a cryptocurrency-related app with over 2 million downloads, later revealing that the app in question was The Crypto App.

TrustSwap stated that it is excited to have The Crypto App join its growing family of crypto-related financial services, noting that the app has the potential to become a global go-to aggregator for all things crypto. The project not only integrated the app’s technology, but also its team members.

The app is one of the largest cryptocurrency-related applications on Android, and it ranks as the third-biggest application when searching for “crypto” in the Android app store. Furthermore, now that the app has joined TrustSwap’s ecosystem, the project plans to continue helping it grow. Its aim is to ensure that the app remains the most downloaded crypto app globally, but also aggregate all consumer services in-app such as buying, trading, lending, borrowing, staking, yield farming and more. The TrustSwap team is evaluating integrating some of its Launchpad projects into The Crypto App as well.

Furthermore, the project said that it is considering different ideas to integrate the SWAP token in the app. Either by creating a new token which can be distributed to the SWAP token holders or integrating SWAP directly. However, it should be noted that this is only one of the ideas that the developers were humoring while thinking of new ways to help the app grow and also making it beneficial for the community. The company hopes that this will encourage buying and staking SWAP tokens in the long term. There are plans for more, and the project will announce details in due time as the new developments draw closer.

TrustSwap’s amazing growth speed

TrustSwap’s CEO stated that immediately after the announcement, the project started receiving numerous offers to acquire other blockchain projects. This is likely something that TrustSwap already had a great interest in and will now be able to proceed with such plans. As Kirdeikis noted, the project is “building the TrustSwap empire one brick at a time.”

It should also be noted that TrustSwap’s SmartLock product, TeamFinance, has locked in over 3,200 new crypto projects so far which have a value of over 1.5 billion USD. These days, the service is adding companies to its network at the pace of approximately 100 products per day, which is more than any other cryptocurrency project in the entire world.