After kick-starting the Singapore Blockchain Week in November 2018, the United Conference of Internet Money (UCIM) is all set to host Pitcher Perfect on 15th February in the Huobi headquarter of Singapore.

Given Singapore’s startup culture and crypto friendly business landscape, it has been emerging as a hub for blockchain and crypto projects. To leverage the same, Pitcher Perfect envisions to offer a platform where two ends of the investment space will meet, dine, and network together.

As an exclusive invite-only event, Pitcher Perfect has garnered the attention of some of the top investments funds and stakeholders in the Singapore ecosystem. TechStars, Vickers Venture Partners, Rakuten Capital, Golden Gate Ventures, and Finch Capital are some of the names that will be present at the event to assess and empower projects and entrepreneurs.

“Pitcher Perfect and pitching events are useful to identify high potential startups and connect with co-investors,” shared Alix Brunet from Finch Capital while talking about the event.

With an immense focus on connecting investors and startups, the event includes a pitching challenge where select projects will get 10 minutes on stage, velocity meetings where entrepreneurs will have impactful one-on-one meetings with investors, a lavish spread of dinner and drinks, panel discussions, and a networking zone for all present.

“We have seen several great projects not succeed because of a lack of funds and have seen investors witness a dearth of good ideas despite so many entrepreneurs seeking support,” shared Rohan Sharma, Project head at UCIM. “All we want to do is offer a space where these two can connect to form meaningful and long-lasting relationships,” he further added.

The panelists for the event include investors, venture capitalists, quant fund officers, private equity holders, family office officials, and OTC traders. Given the wide range of investment roles that the speakers span across, there will be a lot to learn from and take home.

UCIM is known for the content that it shares through the speaking sessions and the value it creates for all its attendees. The next stop for UCIM is Berlin where it’s hosting Pitcher Perfect on 18th March. As a non-ticketed platform, the focus is on knowledge-creation and connection building.

Register for Pitcher Perfect Berlin here or visit their website for more details.


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