The endless enthusiasm about nonfungible tokens (NFTs) has surpassed the expectations of industry experts, who now see humongous potential in the domain. Nevertheless, NFTs will have a crucial role to play in producing an ideal metaverse, a shared immersive virtual world.

Virtual events, financial services and lands in the metaverse are expected to become a trillion-dollar business, driving the NFT investing success. With metaverses, you can visit shopping centers, meet your friends, drive across the city, and exchange contacts with friends and family who seem outstandingly real, all thanks to rapid growth in 5G communications and virtual reality.

Ultraverse Studio

So, you have heard about the metaverse, now meet Ultraverse, a virtual 3D universe created on the BNB Chain. Ultraverse held its private sale from July 1–14, 2022. Using NFTs, the platform will allow you to make money and friends along with several other activities. This is how Ultraverse will enable you to socialize and earn money in the metaverse.

Ultraverse is all set to offer a perfect platform to buy lands

The Ultraverse City, also a shared virtual open city, is created by the convergence of virtually developed digital and physical reality. This virtual open city is physically determined and aims to offer better immersive experiences to all its members.

If you are willing to purchase digital land, create digital homes, or participate in a virtual social experience, then Ultraverse City is the perfect place for you. It will be launched as a community-driven platform with an atmosphere of business projects and visual art. It signifies that, as designers and creators, you will be able to build and commercialize your NFTs and art experiences and carry out various other businesses.

Claiming your land in Ultraverse

Ultraverse City will launch with different zones. The prices of the lands in these zones will be based on the distance from the central business towers or the most attractive landmarks.

Ultraverse Studio

Users need to connect to the city via their computer or laptop using the latest version of Google Chrome and MetaMask wallet. Also, traders will require a BEP-20 asset in order to trade on the platform.

Ultraverse: The true metaverse experience

In Phase 1, the following astonishing features will be launched:

  • Live broadcast of KISS FM International’s first radio station in the metaverse.
  • An immersive metaverse experience with high-quality 3D graphics.
  • True billboards will be located throughout the city, creating a huge advertising opportunity.
  • In Ultraverse City, no platform or party can claim ownership. Ultraverse City transactions will be public, protected and easily tracked.
  • There will be no restrictions or limits to how many individuals can use it simultaneously, what activities can occur, or what kinds of businesses can enter it.
  • Anyone can access decentralized digital assets supported by cryptocurrencies. ONCS is one of the utility tokens through which you can establish your business and swap your digital assets, such as virtual clothing, avatars, NFTs and event tickets on the marketplaces.
  • Users will be able to access Ultraverse City through augmented reality glasses, virtual reality headsets or only a Chrome browser.
  • In the world of Ultraverse City, the virtual land mechanism will be like real estate in the real world. If you buy land or digital property, you can rent it out or resell it.

Final thoughts

Many brands and businesses are incorporating the metaverse concept into their long-term plans as it constantly evolves. Metaverses will transform how we interact, improving efficiency across numerous sectors.

Giant firms such as Microsoft and Nvidia have already brought their own strategies to create metaverses. With Ultraverse City, you can become a part of the virtual living revolution. Ultraverse City metaverse will offer you an opportunity where you can buy your land, showcase your NFT collection, invite your friends, and interact with them. 

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