Only one month to go until everyone’s favorite annual Bitcoin weekend in Las Vegas! A truly unique and fun Bitcoin conference jam-packed with workshops, games, and parties happens February, 20th-23rd 2020. 

The Unconfiscatable “Bitcoin Not Blockchain” Conference is back for its second year! Taking over downtown Las Vegas for a weekend of fun, networking, and love for all things bitcoin. This one day conference will be dedicated to Bitcoin, Finance, Economics, Investing, and Technology. Our festivities will continue throughout the weekend with a 4 star Bitcoin Carnivory Dinner, High Stakes BTC Texas Holdem’ Poker Tournament, Pinball Tournament, Exclusive After Party with open bar and killer tacos as well as multiple educational workshops. There will be no promotions of altcoins, ICOs, banks, and other blockchain-based nonsense. Unconfiscatable is dedicated to Bitcoin! Bitcoin lovers and plenty of toxic maximalists will all be there. 

We will feature high-profile speakers from all around the world with different backgrounds and expertise. Technical engineers, analysts, traders, venture capitalists, cybersecurity professionals, business owners, bestselling authors and other Bitcoin evangelists who will be featured in our high-level keynotes, fireside chats, and illuminating panels. This year’s Unconfiscatable speaker lineup includes Adam Back, Saifedean Ammous, Max Keiser, Stacy Herbert, Peter Todd, Jimmy Song, Giacomo Zucco, Trace Mayer, Murad Mahmudov, Peter McCormack, Tone Vays, Willy Woo, Dan Held, Jack Mallers, Leah Wald, MIR, Dan Held, Colleen Sullivan, Jon Najarian, Johnny Dilley, Adella Toulon, Jack Mallers, Ugly Old Goat, NVK, Alex Mascioli, Jan Capek, and more. 

Our full-day conference will be on Saturday, Feb 22nd and will conclude with a killer after-party featuring the “Tone Vays’ Scammy Awards.” Our other events include a Pinball Tournament at the Pinball Hall of Fame on Thursday, Feb 20th, a Carnivory Dinner on Friday, Feb 21st and a Texas Holdem’ Poker Tournament at high noon on Sunday, Feb 23rd. There will also be various workshops during the day on Thursday and Friday. Tickets can be bought with Bitcoin or fiat on the official site: