San Francisco, May 6 — UnFederalReserve is proud to announce the launch of Reserve Lending, a Compound-based DeFi solution that looks to provide a secure, safe platform for peer-to-pool-to-peer lending. This release is the first phase in unFederalReserve’s roadmap toward reserve business-to-business, where qualified, vetted parties have access to safe, legally compliant liquidity.

“I’d say the whole thing feels analogous to the Zarya and Tianhe space station missions. Reserve Lending is the core to a new liquidity paradigm. Trustless cash management between massive liquidity stores. Middle market DeFi wrapped in a U.S. regulatory compliant framework,” stated Howard Krieger, CEO of unFederalReserve.

Reserve’s B2B blockchain platform will allow short-term lending and borrowing transactions to settle almost instantaneously, with all parties having the security of a United States regulatory compliant framework and encryption protocols that exceed that of even the largest global banks.

With a strong focus on community, unFederalReserve is a software-as-a-service entity that prides itself on five core principles: safety, courtesy, inclusion, show and efficiency. These principles are ingrained in the product from the customer experience to ensuring it works for everyone at lightning-fast speeds.

Reserve Lending on the unFederalReserve platform is a fork of Compound. For everyday DeFi users, this means the Reserve Lending platform benefits from a long history of stable, secure transactions. As a B2B lending platform, unFederalReserve provides tools to businesses that do not have access to more traditional methods of borrowing.

“We are excited to see and learn from the tool because as we kick its tires, we can identify areas of vulnerability to reinforce and strengths to capitalize on,” continued Krieger. “I could not be prouder of the team, the community and the professional services firms, which contributed to Reserve Lending’s success. We’ve been through this together, and we will continue to go through this together.”

To learn more about the basics of supplying assets on unFederalReserve, please watch this video:

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