This Early-stage VC aims to fund projects and work directly with brilliant Web3 founders to validate, launch and scale new companies.

In the growing landscape of decentralized technologies and blockchain-based innovations, new Web3 startups are emerging rapidly. While many of these projects provide innovative ideas, it’s important to nurture sustainable infrastructures and bring long-lasting values to Web3 founders and a broader industry.

UF Ventures’ $50-million fund will be offering backing to startups across verticals, including infrastructure, tools, applications and protocols. However, the VC is determined to offer value that goes beyond simply funds. The team behind UF Ventures brings business experience, access to its broad network of industry leaders and critical technology expertise to the table. Moreover, leveraging the extensive network of connections, UF Ventures can provide its portfolio projects with a further boost by securing critical talent.

Since its inception, UF Ventures has analyzed over 1,000 ideas and is already providing much-needed support to seven handpicked projects across various sectors, including infrastructure, DeFi tools and cross-chain bridging. The most recent additions to UF Ventures’ portfolio include such names as Alliance, Chainstack, DeBridge and Stroom.

Alliance is an accelerator that offers tailored support and guidance to Web3 founders. Chainstack is a leading provider of a comprehensive suite of services to build, run and scale blockchain applications. Stroom is a decentralized DeFi protocol that allows its users to utilize their BTC holdings and generate yield from the Lightning Network in addition to traditional DeFi. DeBridge is a leading cross-chain asset bridging and messaging protocol, developed by individuals with Ph.D.s in mathematics and physics, and backed by top-tier investors.

Anton Vasilev, managing partner at UF Ventures, explained how UF Ventures is committed to making a lasting impact in the blockchain industry:

“We take pride in our hands-on approach when collaborating with the companies in our portfolio. We follow a rigorous five-step process to analyze the projects we invest in, ensuring that we pave the way for innovation and sustainability in the industry.”

While UF Ventures already has numerous valuable partners across accelerators, exchanges, market makers and fellow VCs, the team is continually expanding this network and promoting their vision by participating in conferences worldwide.