Unifty is combining decentralized finance (DeFi) and nonfungible tokens (NFT) with its launch today, Dec. 9, of The Gallery, an innovative exhibition space inspired by the platform’s desire to improve upon the traditional gallery-creator relationship. The Gallery’s unique approach to the NFT marketplace means that all participants, including creators, collectors, curators and fans, are rewarded for engaging on the platform.

The Gallery reimagines the way creators traditionally showcase their art to the public and the NFT platform experience. Through The Gallery, Unifty is bringing DeFi into the digital art exhibition and viewing process by rewarding and involving all community participants, from creators, collectors and art lovers to organizations.

Initially, creators will be able to hold shows in The Gallery for 30 days, with the opportunity to sell their work by exhibiting their NFTs. However, in a unique twist, they are guaranteed a yield from simply hosting visitors to their collections.

Similarly, collectors can exhibit their NFT collections and earn a yield. Unifty community members who visit the exhibitions also earn from their participation as art lovers. Much like DeFi, the ecosystem rewards participants no matter what their role is on the platform.

The Gallery’s aim is to both rectify the imbalances inherent in the creator-gallery relationship and to elevate the experience of engaging in the NFT landscape through the use of DeFi-type incentives.

How does it work?

Unifty leverages its dual-token structure to reward all participants in its ecosystem. Unifty’s NIF token is the platform’s governance token. Holders are able to vote on which creators or collectors are chosen to exhibit in The Gallery and vote more generally on the direction of the platform.

NIF holders can also stake the tokens in the exhibitions they like. By staking NIF, community members share earnings in the yield generated by the exhibition. That yield is determined by several factors, including the agreed market value of the NFTs exhibited, the reputation of the creator, the number of NIF tokens staked, and the number of individual stakers.

Rewards are paid out in Unifty’s reward token, UNT. The UNT that is farmed from a particular exhibition in The Gallery is paid out to the exhibitor, whether a collector or a creator, and the fans who staked NIF to it.

This way, Unifty hopes to enhance the world of NFTs through instruments more commonly found in DeFi. Not only do creators get fairly rewarded for their work, through sales and/or through simply exhibiting it, but those who believe in and appreciate their work also earn a yield by staking their loyalty to the work they like via NIF tokens.

Unifty’s unique staking and rewarding system promises to enhance the digital art experience by engaging all participants through DeFi incentive and engagement mechanisms.

About Unifty

Unifty is an NFT platform that leverages new innovations to marry the worlds of NFTs and DeFi. Unifty’s flagship product, The Gallery, is a virtual gallery space where creators, collectors and visitors come together to exhibit and enjoy art. The company aims to bring NFTs mainstream. 

Unifty’s The Gallery reimagines the gallery and exhibition experience by rewarding all participants in the creative economy. A curated platform, Unifty is the first of its kind to incentivize engagement by all participants through its dual crypto tokens, NIF and UNT. In doing so, the company is creating a create-to-earn universe that values all stakeholders and strengthens the bonds between creators and their customers, community and fans.

To learn more about Unifty, visit:

Official website: https://unifty.com

Gallery website: https://unifty.gallery

Twitter: https://twitter.com/unifty_com

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/unifty

Email: hello@unifty.com