Unilayer will launch its V3 automated market maker on the Polygon network. The company has designed an AMM that offers features that don’t exist on other platforms, and now its latest version will be available on the Polygon network.

Instead of operating directly on the Ethereum blockchain, Polygon is a layer-two solution that offers users much faster transaction times with low fees. This is a massive advantage for an AMM as the network can offer far more reliable operations with no hidden issues.

The AMM is slated to be launched in the near future. The Unilayer V3 AMM will join a number of other advanced decentralized finance tools that Unilayer already offers, including the Unilayer launchpad, which is a perfect solution for fundraising in the DeFi development space.

Polygon is a perfect fit for the Unilayer V3 AMM

Polygon is a much better solution for anyone that trades frequently than the original Ethereum blockchain.

With the low fees and fast speeds, traders who use Unilayer’s V3 AMM won’t have to worry about trading fees eating up their profits or waiting to execute trades.

Due to its benefits, Unilayer has chosen to operate in the Polygon ecosystem so that its users can take full advantage of its advantages.

According to the company, the Unilayer V3 AMM will offer the following products:

  • Decentralized exchange with limit orders.
  • DEX aggregator.
  • Charts and analytics.
  • Initial farm offerings platform.
  • Farming and staking.
  • Nonfungible token marketplace.
  • Lottery system.
  • Cross-chain compatibility with MakiSwap.
  • Limit orders will incentivize liquidity for LAYER/MATIC pool.

It is clear that the Unilayer V3 AMM offers various benefits to traders. In addition to a better trading experience, the AMM will allow investors to stake and gain passive income from their token holdings.

While the existing financial system offers little in the way of passive income at the moment, with the Unilayer V3 AMM, crypto investors can stake to gain from much higher effective rates of return.

Addressing DeFi’s limitations

DEXs give traders much higher levels of security but this safety comes with some drawbacks. Until this point, the level of liquidity that is available on DEXs has been lower than centralized exchanges.

To address this limitation, the Unilayer V3 AMM uses a DEX aggregator to compile liquidity from numerous DEXs so that traders don’t have to deal with shallow market depth. This means deeper order books, more liquidity and the ability to make bigger trades.

The AMM also allows the use of MakiSwap, which is a Polygon-based swap platform that offers traders access to many tokens that are hard to find on larger exchanges. Together with the other tools that the AMM offers, traders will have a range of trading options with the platform.

A growing platform

Unilayer has been developing its AMM technology in order to address common trading issues on DEXs, and also offer its users top-notch trading tools. Its V3 AMM is the culmination of these efforts and crypto traders and stakers everywhere will soon be able to use it.

According to Unilayer:

“With this added utility, we’re confident that Unilayer (LAYER) tokens will become even more scarce. The maximum supply is currently 40 million LAYER and there’s about 50% of the total supply currently in circulation. By setting a percentage of the total supply toward liquidity providers or farming rewards, we should see a healthier and more liquid market for the LAYER token.”

While the Unilayer V3 AMM is a solid platform, it is unlikely that Unilayer will stop developing new tools for its AMM. The world of DeFi continues to grow and Unilayer knows how to effectively innovate in a competitive space.

About Unilayer

Unilayer is a deep platform that offers its users a range of tools. In addition to automated trading tools, it also features a launchpad that allows companies to access investor funds in a trustless, totally transparent environment.

In addition to fundraising, the Unilayer launchpad allows investors to track how funds are spent, which creates total project transparency. With a wide range of professional-level tools, Unilayer is well placed to compete in the global DeFi market.

The platform also allows investors to track their portfolios, and the team at Unilayer is always working on more tools for the DeFi ecosystem. The Unilayer V3 AMM is one of its latest innovations, but with Unilayer, you won’t have to wait long for another useful project to be released.

About Polygon

Polygon is a layer-two Ethereum “internet of blockchains” that allows the use of Ethereum native assets in a second layer environment that is far superior to the original Ethereum. With Polygon, both developers and users can leverage a far more efficient architecture that allows for transactions to be executed quickly and safely.

Unilayer has made extensive use of Polygon due to its safety, ease of use and supportive development environment. As DeFi grows into a more mature marketplace, it is likely that the use of Polygon will grow along with the overall market.