Luna Rush, a novel blockchain-based P2E game announces the closure of its private fundraising round of $1.9 million with solid backing from some of the top-tier venture capital firms in the blockchain industry. The private round was led by X21, Infinity Pad, RedHat, DreamBoat Capital, TokenSuite, Alpha Moon Capital, BYTF Ventures, JADE Labs, Moniwar, DeFi warrior, MH ventures, Remitano, BlueWheels, SGN Capitals, Onebit Ventures, Verichains, CoinLab, Airdrop Find, Cardinals, BSC Station, Senspark Ventures, KoinSaati, DeFi Warrior, Jackal, Bomb Crypto, Avstar Capital, SD Ventures, and BARMY.

Asides from witnessing the successful closure of the fundraising round, these venture capitalists will contribute to the exponential growth of Luna Rush by offering their expertise and support. The team also revealed that the private sale was an oversubscribed round with splendid responses from major players, influential entities, and strategic partners in the crypto space. The anime-inspired play-to-earn game has attracted a number of investors who believe in its mission to become a premier NFT gaming platform where game lovers from all over the world can explore the full potentials of blockchain-based gaming.

 With the successful private funding round, Luna Rush is well-equipped to drive a new wave of online gaming and non-fungible tokens in its multiplayer ecosystem of immersive features. The project will conduct its initial public offering on leading IDO platforms including BinStarter, LaunchZone, BSCStation and LauStarter. Driven by a strong enthusiasm for GameFi, Luna Rush is primed to revolutionize the core of play-to-earn in the most innovative way possible.

Promoting a New Paradigm of the Gaming Landscape

The growing Metaverse, and P2E as a novel model in the gaming landscape, both represent a new paradigm in the industry. The space is growing rapidly in size. Experts predict that the number of active online gamers could reach 1.3 billion in 2025. Luna Rush is a project poised to promote this new paradigm by encouraging play-to-earn gaming and leading-edge crypto innovations.

 Luna Rush is striving to help individuals be a part of the growing metaverse. The project seeks to make available 6000 plots of virtual lands on a huge 3D map to give players and investors alike, an opportunity to immerse themselves in the digital realm, while they benefit from the Tax on all the rewards generated on their lands.

Originating from Helios Entertainment, a leading game developer and publisher, Luna Rush is positioned to bring digital identity, valued in-game assets, and full ownership of assets to players as the gaming sector becomes more decentralized. The project will herald an era of new paradigms and advanced features that lend themselves to a wide variety of emerging digital environments and forms of value creation. By prioritising quality and unparalleled user experience, Luna Rush is uniquely bridging the gap between virtual reality and the physical world.

The Road Ahead

After a successful private round with $1.9 million raised, Luna Rush is prepared to execute its milestones with an interesting roadmap. The project is visualising a GameFi Marketplace with the most unique NFT collections available for users to rent, sell, buy, and exchange with game lovers and investors across the globe. Luna is planning to deploy on Solana blockchain for an immersive experience in 2022. Built with an easy-to-play and simple-to-invest model, players can easily navigate the gaming ecosystem, partake in tournaments for good returns, and interact with other players in exciting events that the platform will organize. The project also concluded its security audit by Verichains.

Luna Rush will list on top launchpads to grow its community extensively. The project will also onboard even more characters with amazing skills, release its Web, IOS, and Android versions, multiple game modes including Boss Hunting, Campaign, 1 vs. 1, 3 vs. 3, engaging tournaments, and community events. Moreover, Luna seeks to open new levels of GameFi to users worldwide.