Salt Lake City, UT – February 18th, 2019 – Off Chain conference organizers announced today that they will be hosting a unique preparedness and blockchain technology conference on March 1-2, 2019 at the Karen G. Miller Conference Center at Salt Lake Community College campus in Sandy, UT.

Rob McNealy, the co-organizer, said: “People have heard of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and TUSC, but not many people understand the power of the blockchain technology that powers them. There are many uses for blockchain technology including secure payments, identity protection, and the safe storage of wealth. With Off Chain, we hope to introduce people to the many uses this technology offers in an informative and hands on way.”

McNealy said: “In addition to informative panels, there will be hands on workshops taught by local preparedness and blockchain experts covering topics such as first aid, digital currency, body armor, and bugging out.”