Universe Finance has announced its initial decentralized exchange (DEX) offering (IDO) from Feb. 15 to Feb. 18. It strives to be the best Uniswap version 3.0 (V3) active liquidity-management platform on the Ethereum and Polygon networks, and its IDO will help achieve that goal.

Picking Uniswap V3

There are a few reasons why Universe Finance has chosen Uniswap V3: It can increase liquidity pool profit considerably compared to version 2.0 by enhancing liquidity in a certain range. It is also currently one of the best DEXs with excellent depth, low slippage and a high transaction volume and market share. However, several obstacles must be overcome before substantial quantities can be harvested.

These difficulties include accurately predicting the frequency and timing of rebalancing, and deciding on the optimal price range. Also, the gas fees can be expensive and there may be issues anticipated regarding an inability to deal with extreme market conditions and volatility.

It’s true that such issues can stop ordinary investors from participating, but Universe Finance has launched a proactive liquidity-management tool that can systematically leverage, reinvest and manage risk levels to solve these problems.

Why choose Universe Finance?

One of the most challenging aspects of the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry is security. During the last decade, there have been numerous attacks that have crippled many protocols and stolen funds from countless investors and traders. Universe Finance has become highly secure by utilizing tools allowing it to avoid flash loan attacks, price oracle manipulation, sandwich and private-key attacks, and excessive authority of contract. Universe Finance also has highly restricted parameters and it uses a multi-signature scheme as well as a real-time risk management system, private vault, audit report and white hackers.

Universe Finance also uses a backtesting platform; active LP management quantitative strategies; smart, hedge and leveraged vaults and more to provide consumers aseamless and effective experience. Universe Finance’s team believes the project will potentially result in high returns on investments, stable income, low costs, risk grading and easy ways to earn revenue.

About Universe Finance

Universe Finance is Uniswap V3’s active liquidity-management platform based on risk-ranking and quantitative techniques. It aims to optimize users’ Uniswap V3 returns and liquidity revenue.

Its ultimate goal is to provide a one-stop yield platform with the greatest and steadiest actual rates of return in the entire DeFi market. It has already established partnerships with several institutions, including the Polygon network, Instadapp, Olympus DAO, Dodo, 4SV, Poolz Finance, Biconomy and more. In terms of immediate objectives, Universe Finance will focus on supporting more chains, releasing its leverage vault on Feb. 23, managing $1 billion in Uniswap V3 liquidity in 2022 and providing a private vault for decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) treasury management. There are also airdrop plans soon for early adopters.

More information and regular updates can be found on Universe Finance’s official website and its various social media channels: Twitter, Medium, Reddit and Discord.