The AMA will be broadcasting live on Cointelegraph’s YouTube channel this Monday, Feb. 22, at 2 pm Central Europe Time.

Hathor and HOPR are gearing up to debate electrifying breakthroughs and are joining forces to change the game in transaction handling — making it faster, affordable, more private… AND that’s just the beginning. The AMA session will bring forward exclusive news, discussion on the founders’ vision, exciting facts about what HOPR and Hathor are rolling out in Q1 and Q2 2021.

The collaboration brings overall community excitement and has caught the attention of major trendsetters from the industry:

“The Hathor and HOPR projects propose breakthroughs in the blockchain industry, which impacts positively the whole crypto community: devs, buyers, hodlers, traders and incoming users; all have reason to be proud and engage into mutual effort towards such groundbreaking technologies.”

— Alex Nascimento, faculty and co-founder of Blockchain Lab at the University of California, Los Angeles

HOPR is preparing for its public launch on Feb. 24. To celebrate the public launch of the HOPR’s layer-zero privacy network and token, it will be hopping around the world to 10 different destinations, with different events featuring local communities and media every hour. Only two weeks ago, the HOPR community decided on the HOPR token launch in an unprecedented pre-launch DAO governance experiment where the community — and not the team — was in the driver’s seat.

Hathor Network has been strengthening its facilities for handling significant increases in volume*. Meanwhile, community support is also robust. The fast track token issue tool, which allows Hathor users to build upon HTR technology without requiring programming knowledge, simultaneously became a “newcomers and veterans favorite,” while incentivizing users to hold. Trading is also frequent since being listed on KuCoin, the frequency of trades has significantly increased, causing HTR’s value to flourish.

*The Hathor Network mainnet has been online since January 2020 and has experienced exponential growth in customs token issuance, active wallets and mining hash rate. It is a PoW-based distributed ledger architecture, using both DAG and blockchain data structures. Because it is built and constantly upgraded with scalability ease of use in mind, HTR-Net resolves constraints and bottlenecks for faster processing of settlements.