USD Balance’s USDB stablecoin is the number-one stablecoin pool on Beethoven-X, a decentralized investment platform on Fantom Network with compounded yields as high as 100% APR. Now, investors can truly benefit from higher-yield decentralized finance opportunities for passive income.

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Conveniently called A Dai-Abolical Balance, the yields of the liquidity pool (LP) of stablecoins Dai and USDB are among the highest in the crypto ecosystem currently.

Additionally, on Reaper Farm and Beluga, investors can earn yields on top of yields, exponentially increasing the rewards to achieve financial freedom sooner.

For investors who do not yet own USDB stablecoin, mint USDB on the website or simply swap a token of choice on Beethoven-X. Then, visit the A Dai-Abolical Balance pool page and stake the Dai-USDB pair. Finally, use Reaper Farm or Beluga to maximize earnings by auto-investing a staked LP pair.


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To learn more about the Balance ecosystem, check out the official website.

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