LONDON, UK, January 25, 2022 - World’s first human-centric metaverse, Vault Hill, will be giving out free VR glasses to everyone who purchase a virtual land (VLAND) during the upcoming Initial Land Offering (ILO) in March 2022. This means that a HTC VIVE Flow VR glass will be given per parcel of land bought in Vault Hill City (VHC). 

Giving out free HTC VIVE Flow glasses is a strategic decision to encourage land owners and other users of the metaverse to have a fully immersive metaverse experience. “If you realise the huge potential of our project and invest in buying VLAND in our metaverse, it is only right that we also provide you with the tools necessary to fully immerse and enhance your experience in the metaverse” said Vault Hill’s Founder and CEO, Jimi Daodu.  

More so, the synergy between Vault Hill’s vision to enhance the human experience, and HTC’s goal to improve users’ experience, especially as it relates to maintaining wellness and reducing the stress millions of people feel every day through its super portable, lightweight VIVE Flow makes the VR glass a great tool for users to explore the VHC with, as well as a great option for frequent usability.

Considering Vault Hill’s remarkable feat of selling out its allocated native token, $VHC, on three launchpads during its recently concluded Initial Decentralised Offering (IDO), there is no doubt that owning land parcel(s) in Vault Hill City will be significant, valuable and rewarding. This is because land owners will be given a ‘NO CODE’ builder tool which gives them total creative freedom to build anything they can imagine on their parcel (in line with urban planning guidelines) and earn as other users interact with their creation. The metaverse is also the first virtual world with urban planning and development benefits to ensure users build on the land respectfully.

Further, VHC is the first and only metaverse that combines all aspects of users’ reality - users will be able to design their own unique experiences, explore their fantasies, monetise their creation, explore the seven human instinct themed Districts in the metaverse and also enjoy activities they do in the physical world such as interacting with other users, attending events, playing games, curating arts, etc,. 

Although the metaverse is still being developed, Vault Hill has incredibly signed partnerships with various brands who will onboard their products and services and establish their virtual office in the metaverse, particularly in District Omega (vitality) and District Beta (play) which are the first two to launch. During the land sale, only 573 parcels of VLAND will be sold out of the 10000 that has been created. Limited plots of VLAND has been created to ensure scarcity and adequate value creation for users and investors.

So, an opportunity to own a piece of the virtual world presents itself by buying any of the four land types available in VHC – standard, premium, deluxe and exclusive, which will be owned as an NFT. Likewise, Vault Hill’s Token Generation Event (where the $VHC token will be publicly listed and traded) happening on Wednesday, January 26th, 2022 presents another opportunity to become a part of the first ever human-centric metaverse.

Further information regarding the land sale will be provided in due course! For more information on Vault Hill and its development timeline, please visit the website and read the whitepaper. Also follow the social pages for the latest updates - Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Discord 

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Oyin Ajayi