• Velas’ technology now enables transaction throughputs of up to 75,000 transactions per second.

  • The team has also launched VelasPad, the native launchpad for all Velas projects.

  • Velas is leading competitors with its upcoming launches of the WagyuSwap and BitOrbit projects (Nov. 1 and 2).

Zug, Switzerland, October 2021 — Today, Velas announces its new updates through several key improvements to the original codebase. Velas’ technology now enables a game-changing transaction throughput of up to 75,000 transactions per second. Transactions are now completely instant with incredibly low costs, boosting the network’s efficiency even further. This completely overtakes the competition technologically. 

This update comes as Velas continues to innovate with another dozen upgrades just around the corner. Velas is also fully Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible and maintains native support for Solidity porting projects — making them cross-chain — to ensure ease for developers.

Alongside these developments, smart contracts built on Ethereum can be brought to Velas with a few clicks, creating a much-needed solution for decentralized finance (DeFi), decentralized applications (DApps) and even nonfungible tokens (NFTs). 

The rapidly growing ecosystem can be bought into through native blockchain assets or through investing. The VLX currency has already become a top 250 coin, surpassing a market capitalization of $320 million — with even more projects to follow. Its all-time high of $0.208 may be a mere stepping stone for this ecosystem, akin to Bitcoin (BTC) at $100 or Ether (ETH) at $8.

Another development is the launch of VelasPad, the native launchpad for all Velas projects. It provides financial support and aids in legal, coding, marketing and other matters to ensure projects can achieve their full potential. VelasPad is backed by the BlueZilla Group, which also launched ETHPad, TronPad, BSCPad and others. VLXPAD, VelasPad’s native currency, is sitting at a 149.21x return on investment, indicating a stable, fortuitous overall demand.

Velas is staying ahead of competitors with upcoming launches of the WagyuSwap and BitOrbit projects.

WagyuSwap is launching on Nov. 1 and will be the world’s fastest, cheapest decentralized exchange (DEX), thanks to leveraging the Velas technology stack. Moreover, the DEX will feature low fees, cross-chain compatibility, high-APY staking, competitive yield farming and a lottery solution to reward long-term WagyuSwap users. The technology provided by WagyuSwap introduces many potential benefits, including support for Ethereum Virtual Machine tokens. Because WagyuSwap is a decentralized exchange, it can give up-and-coming projects an outlet to enable trading for their native tokens. One such project to note is BitOrbit, which will organize its initial DEX offering through VelasPad and have the native token listed on WagyuSwap directly afterward.

BitOrbit serves as a trusted, private blockchain-based platform where content monetization is the primary focus. Influencers will be able to generate more revenue from their content by increasing their support with a link to enable influencers to pay for exclusive content. For more updates, keep your eyes peeled on Nov. 2 — this will push the Velas ecosystem to its full potential. 

This demonstrates the potential that Velas and its native projects have, which would not be possible on other blockchains. 

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Velas Network AG is a Switzerland-headquartered technology company led by a diverse team of engineers, cryptographers, researchers, mathematicians and results-driven business leaders. Velas’ mission is to create and integrate world-changing technology products and services to improve people’s lives all over the globe.

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