• This comes in quick succession from the initial August fund announcement due to increased interest and a record number of applications. 

  • Velas continues to see opportunities to invest in new projects, products and services. 

  • Velas continues to support those in the program with recruitment, networking, marketing, technical support and research. 

Zug, Switzerland, September 2021 – Today, Velas announces its updated grant program that launches with $100 million towards funding projects and ideas built on the Velas blockchain. This comes off the back of increased interest in the grant and ecosystem investment fund program launched initially in August with $5 million and a record number of applicants. 

Main attractions to apply for the fund include the support of all smart contracts built on the Ethereum Blockchain with support for Web 3.0 libraries of both Solana and Ethereum. Developers can easily deploy existing open source products from Solana and Ethereum on Velas with minimal, yet valuable, change including low-cost transactions, scalability and a developer support program.

​​Velas is inviting projects and developers for an updated second wave and to join its ecosystem of user-friendly, transparent and privacy-respecting products built on top of the Velas blockchain.

Much like last time, investment sizes can be up to $100,000 per project. The general Grant Program is designed to fund projects covering a wide range of topics including decentralized finance- (DeFi)-related topics, decentralized exchange- (DEX)-related products and nonfungible token-(NFT)-related solutions, as well as games and gaming.

Velas is focused on growing and developing companies and developers, supporting everyone in the journey of recruitment, networking, marketing, technical support and research. 

For full technical details on the Velas Funding Program and how to get started, visit: https://docs.velas.com/grants/.

Applying for the Velas Grant

To apply for the Velas Grant Program, fill out an application form. Team applications should be submitted by one representative for the project, containing up-to-date contact information, experience and the portfolio of all team members who would be involved in working on the project. Application forms will be reviewed within 14 working days and selection results will be sent to the email provided during the application. If a proposal is successful, further communication will be required to determine specific details around timelines and payment schedules. Feedback will occur throughout the grant process. 

For further information and FAQs, please check out the official Velas docs page here.

Velas is proud to welcome innovative and exciting new projects, products and services to the Velas family, and welcome a massive expansion in the use case of the Velas Blockchain, taking advantage of the best-in-class TPS, throughput and developer support. The Velas Funding Program helps push the Velas Blockchain to be the most attractive and powerful chain in the entire crypto sector.

For full technical details on the Velas Funding Program, click HERE.

Media Contact Details

Contact Name: Shirly Valge

Contact Email: info@velas.com