Metaverse, 27 October – vEmpire announces the development of their second blockchain-based Play-to-Earn game, this time introducing the vEmpire community to a completely original third-person Hack and Slash game based on The Sandbox platform.

While continuing to work on the development of their on-platform blockchain-based trading card game, The Beginning, vEmpire is happy to publicly announce that they have entered the final few months of the development of their second game, which takes place on The Sandbox platform. The development of their second entry to the crypto-gaming market will not interfere with the development of the trading card game and the vEmpire community can still expect deadlines for the trading card game to be met on time.

Development for their Hack and Slash game has been in the works for some time now, with vEmpire previously reluctant to publicly announce development due to the constraints of The Sandbox platform, which is still in Alpha.

Commenting on the Hack and Slash game, head developer and founder of MyReality Bao Ngo said:

“vEmpire’s land and game in The Sandbox has been one of our biggest challenges this year. The final product looks set to be our greatest & most detailed project build to date.”

The development of vEmpire’s second blockchain-based game signifies their commitment to providing value to their community. Providing supporters with value is of the utmost importance for vEmpire and the news of a second entry to the GameFi market is a bold statement on vEmpire’s intent to take the GameFi & metaverse industries by storm.

The teaser trailer can be found here:

About vEmpire

vEmpire is focused on achieving true decentralization in the cryptocurrency industry. The official vEmpire platform incorporates different staking strategies to incentivize metaverse token staking to fund the battle against centralization. The protocol financially rewards stakers with the native VEMP token alongside rewards in the token originally staked. This enables vEmpire to financially reward those bold enough to stand up against centralized powers. vEmpire has also developed a blockchain-based trading card game, where users can fight each other in engaging and exciting ways to earn better rewards.