VEmpire commenced its Ethereum (ETH) investment strategy with the purchase of Influence asteroids. The Ethereum investment strategy takes a generalist approach where users are not restricted to any particular metaverse. This approach seeks to provide contributors a wider choice of metaverse nonfungible tokens.

With vEmpire’s generalist strategy, vEmpire can buy just anything users want, whether it be metaverse tokens or NFTs. This is in pursuit of our commitment to ensure true decentralization and also dethrone the metaverse by making other stakeholders relevant in the chain of profit distribution.

The first listed asset for vEmpire’s Ethereum staking strategy is the AsteroidMcAsteroidface. This somewhat jokey listing means that future ETH locked in the staking strategy will benefit from the purchases of this asset alongside other assets purchased before the official launch on Sept. 23. Here, you might want to ask, “Why is vEmpire focusing on these assets instead of the individual metaverses?” The answer is straightforward. vEmpire has identified an opportunity in these assets and intends to maximize them accordingly. Dominic Ryder, CEO of vEmpire, said, “Even with the Influence sale falling before we launch, we couldn’t let that stop us and we are happy to spend our own Ethereum to give our future stakers access to this great project, and to have a bit of fun at the same time.”


The Ethereum staking strategy operates in a simple manner compared to its other assets. With the vEmpire strategy, a user will lock ETH in the perpetual staking strategy. Here, ETH can be used to purchase a variety of assets such as AsteroidMcAsteroidface. Since there’s no limitation to a specific metaverse, this expands the use cases of the Ethereum investment strategy. Following this, once the staking strategy leads to a profit, 50% of it will be redistributed to vEmpire strategy users while the remaining 50% will be compounded to make even more profits. 

To bring the Ethereum investment strategy into full swing, vEmpire has gone ahead to acquire some assets from Influence. Aside from AsteroidMcAsteroidface, vEmpire has also bought Shiba Inu (SHIB), Axie Infinity (AXS), The Chad Token (CHAD) and more. Influence is a play-to-earn platform that grants all players ownership of their content. The network has numerous use cases through which players can colonize asteroids, discover technologies, build infrastructure and widen the reach of their influence. The platform has a finite set of 250,000 asteroids with a unique combination of resources. 

About vEmpire

The vEmpire platform seeks to achieve true decentralization of decentralized autonomous organizations by incorporating different staking strategies to incentivize numerous metaverse tokens, speeding up the invasion of the metaverse to restore decentralization. The protocol will reward stakers of Decentraland (MANA), StarLink (STARL), The Sandbox (SAND), AXS and ETH with its vEmpire (VEMP) token, alongside rewards in the token they staked. Starting with these metaverses provides vEmpire the opportunity to establish its presence in the market as vEmpire and its users will be able to influence how profits are distributed on the platforms they invade.

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