We’re excited to announce the completion and live launch of our decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, for VEMP staking, as well as the launch of all of the below metaverse token pools. Alongside this, we will be listing the VEMP token on Gate.io — one of the biggest tier-one exchanges in the world — coming in on both CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap within the top eight exchanges on the planet.

CEO of vEmpire Dominic Ryder said:

“Gate.io was the natural next step for vEmpire and our token, VEMP. With global reach and billions in daily volume, it will allow us to gain many more users and also facilitate staking on an exchange for those who don’t want to pay gas fees.”

Current yields on metaverse pools:

  • STARL: 514%
  • MANA: 1690%
  • SAND: 1459%
  • AXS: 2257%
  • ETH: 1523%

All yields correct as at 07:18 am UCT Sept. 24, 2021.

Users can now access the numerous staking pools above at extremely high annual percentage yields (APYs). These yields will not be around forever, so take advantage while they are at this level. Staking in any of these pools offers our players an avenue to earn interest on their holdings while standing for what they truly believe in: decentralization. In addition, it can also provide you with voting options, depending on the pool, to contribute to key issues concerning the protocol.

When you stake any of these coins into their respective pools, you’ll be rewarded with VEMP tokens alongside the native token you have staked. For instance, if you stake MANA, the MANA will be locked and monetized so you’ll enjoy both VEMP rewards and MANA rewards. Similarly, when you stake AXS, the tokens will be locked in the perpetual AXS staking strategy, where profits will be generated and redistributed across all stakeholders in both SLP, AXS and VEMP. 

With five active pools, vEMPIRE will incentivize more tokens on the platform, which will accelerate the fight against centralization. Additionally, vEMPIRE operates a fair governance system that seeks to empower all token holders. Therefore, the protocol set the minimum monetary requirement for governance proposals to $10,000, making vEmpire have a much fairer form of DAO where votes are done democratically, making sure that founders and developers can’t outvote the community. 

This way, everyone gets to share in the generated rewards instead of only those with huge holdings. We foster a fair systemsince our goal is to invade protocols that are losing to centralization. By empowering more VEMP token holders, we can move at a fast pace to achieve our objective.


vEMPIRE seeks to achieve true decentralization of DAOs. The platform incorporates different staking strategies to incentivize numerous metaverse tokens, speeding up the invasion of the metaverse to restore decentralization. The protocol will reward stakers of MANA, STARL, SAND, AXS and Ether (ETH) with its token VEMP, alongside rewards in the token they staked. Starting with these metaverses provides vEMPIRE with the opportunity to establish its presence in the market, as vEMPIRE and its users will be able to influence how profits are distributed on the platforms they invade. All vEmpire’s contracts are fully audited by solidproof.io.

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