Esports Fight Club (EFC), the leading blockchain-powered watch-and-earn platform, announced the successful completion of its rebrand to VeraEsports on November 8. Verasity, a blockchain enterprise known for its patented Proof-of-View technology and as the parent organization of VeraEsports, initiated the rebrand to prepare the esports platform for significant expansion in the gaming sector as well as institutional partnerships.

Verasity first launched EFC in 2019 as a proof-of-concept, supporting the company’s patented Proof of View technology. Since then, VeraEsports has managed to obtain a significant market share in the esports streaming sector, reaching over 10 million users. Users of VeraEsports are rewarded with selected prizes for engaging with the platform to incentivize user engagement for publishers and streamers. Additionally, VeraEsports users can participate or host their online tournaments for various titles and compete for a pool of tokens.

Since its original inception, VeraEsports has forged partnerships with a number of leading gaming companies and titles, including Dota, PUBG, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, Riot, and more. By hosting tournaments and streams of popular esports titles on VeraEsports, Verasity has not only introduced millions of online gamers to its blockchain-based watch-and-earn functionality but also demonstrated the considerable benefits of its Proof of View technology to global corporations.

CEO RJ Mark said:

“The rebranding of Esports Fight Club was to both align closer with Verasity as we work to unite esports and crypto communities within a single hub— and also to reflect a completely new era in esports. We worked with our partners to deliver a completely new experience for gamers. We are bringing a secure, transparent platform to advertisers and content creators, where they are secure from fraud, bots and malicious actors.”

VeraEsports continues to uphold trustworthiness to its user base and partners, assuring them of zero bots or fake news on its platform. The successful rebrand is a chance for a more open and innovative ecosystem for online gamers and crypto at large. Esports fans can begin playing, watching and earning points on — or join the esports community on Discord. For more news on the same, readers can follow Verasity on Telegram and Twitter.

About VeraEsports

VeraEsports is a competitive esports and video streaming platform integrated with the fiat and digital asset economies. Layered on Verasity’s blockchain platform, VeraEsports leverages its patented Proof of View technology to offer advertisers and sponsors an ecosystem free of fraud from bots and non-human views. VeraEsports is creating new social and economic opportunities for video gamers, teams, tournament organizers, viewers and brands in the global esports industry. VeraEsports’ revolutionary watch-and-earn program enables viewers to earn redeemable points just by watching their favorite tournament streams.

About Verasity is a protocol and product layer blockchain platform for esports and digital content. Verasity is committed to delivering a better user experience for all stakeholders within the digital content space. By offering transparency, security and trust with our patented Proof of View technology, we are working to eliminate online ad and nonfungible token (NFT) fraud — ultimately changing how digital advertising is done. Within esports, Verasity promises to dominate the industry with superior blockchain technology and the best gamified viewership experience.


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