Come and try to break the Vader Protocol through a community-driven audit with a reward pool valued at around $250,000. Join the cryptocurrency community to build a better and stronger decentralized financial world.

The Vader Protocol is under development and promises to bring together many of the best elements of DeFi into one place. Imagine Uniswap with impermanent loss protection, improved liquidity sensitive fees for liquidity providers, the ability to create collateralized synthetic assets, and the ability to deposit said synthetic assets for interest, with lending and borrowing available as well... all in one place with the benefits of decentralization and clean, clear stablecoin pricing across all pools. Imagine combining the unique features of $RUNE, $BNT, $LUNA/$UST, and $BAL / $AAVE all into one place on Ethereum. This is the Vader Protocol.

Following the community focus of the project, a passionate community member has generously partnered with Code 423n4 to sponsor a white-hat community hack contest to find bugs and offer bounties. The current prize pool is 27 ETH + 1,000 VETH, which is valued at around $250,000 as of writing.

Spread the word with your hacker friends and share in one of the largest community audit contest prize pools at Code 423n4!

More about Vether

Vether (VETH) is a community project created by an anonymous developer, who goes by the tag "Strictly-Scarce". VETH is obtained primarily by burning ETH, and over $8.8MM worth of ETH has already been burnt. This project had no pre-mine, no founder allocation, no VC sale, and was completely and fairly launched. Vether acts both as a store of value and also as a fair distribution method for VADER, the core token at the heart of the Vader Protocol.

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