VisionGame, a multi-layered solution to support game developers, has raised $3.8 million in a funding round backed by some of blockchain’s biggest venture funds as interest in the blockchain gaming market keeps rising.

More than 40 venture capital funds participated, including Huobi Ventures, Exnetwork Capital, Solanium, DCI Group, X21 Digital, Legion Ventures, Oracles Investment Group and more.

VisionGame plans to utilize this funding to further develop and launch its solutions geared toward game developers — including Vision SDK, Vision Offering and Vision Wallet — supporting gaming projects through the industry’s hurdles. The team will also begin production on first-party games aimed at showcasing new possibilities and approaches to game development that pave the way for next-generation titles.

VisionGame began its journey in the third quarter of 2021, immediately attracting attention due to its innovative approach to many issues that game developers face in the blockchain industry. Through a series of products aimed to aid developers in development, design, community building and fundraising, VisionGame is positioning itself as a one-stop solution for both traditional and blockchain-based game development teams.

“We are trying to bring the traditional publisher approach to a market that’s vibrant and full of potential but that has yet to fully find its footing when it comes to building fun and engaging experiences,” said Cristian Esposito, CEO of VisionGame. 

“We believe that the expertise and know-how we’ve acquired, with more than a decade developing and producing games for the traditional industry, can be a useful asset for all the teams currently trying to make a dent in this amazing new market. We’re not only aiming to automate a lot of the time-wasting processes thanks to our products but to provide consultancy and technical services for the projects that will welcome our approach, raising the bar within the industry one game at a time.”

VisionGame is also partnering with Solanium to launch its exclusive initial decentralized exchange offering.

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