Blockchain is the foundation for a new type of wireless power transmission network, turning radio waves into an energy asset and a currency.

There is a whole new paradigm shift going on with the transition to a decarbonized future. Voice Life’s focus is to provide secure, clean, continuous and limitless power to a variety of electronic devices. By incorporating artificial intelligence, structured algorithms and blockchain technology into its device design, this combination enhances the ability to harvest alternating-current electromagnetic waves from direct signal frequencies in the X band. 

Voice Life has now found a new way to share with everyone a revolutionary new energy asset-sharing product in the form of fractional nonfungible token (F-NFTs). The technology behind the F-NFT has allowed it to store Voice Life’s intellectual property (IP) on the blockchain and share the ownership of it with F-NFT owners, all within Binance’s BNB Chain ecosystem.


Voice Life’s F-NFT product is the tokenization of its intellectual property that creates a brand-new vehicle for producing passive income for F-NFT holders and, at the same time, generating revenue for Voice Life. This unique product will bring new diversity, safety, stability and liquidity to F-NFT holders. 

On March 28, 2022, via Binance NFT Marketplace, an initial 350 F-NFTs will be available for purchase. Concurrently, Voice Life will be attending the biggest crypto event of the year — Binance Blockchain Week — in Dubai. This public F-NFT sale includes the tokenization of Voice Life’s IP that will consist of three rounds for a total of 4,350 F-NFTs. In the first round, it will offer only 350 F-NFTs to a global audience at a discounted price of $3,500 per F- NFT. The second-round price of each F-NFT will be $4,000, and the third-round price for each F-NFT will be $5,000.


Benefits of owning a Voice Life F-NFT: 

Voice Life’s IP has been validated and authenticated with the issuance of granted United States and international patents.

  • F-NFT owners have fractional ownership of Voice Life’s IP and will be able to monetize the granted U.S. and numerous international patents.
  • F-NFT owners will also have fractional ownership in any future international patents derived from these granted U.S. patents.
  • F-NFT owners will receive passive income from product royalties for up to 20 years.
  • F-NFT owners will receive passive income from every license sold. 
  • F-NFT owners will be given access to Voice Life’s own F-NFT platform, providing them with liquidity to trade, sell and benefit from the future growth and monetization of the Voice Life IP asset class.

How it all works:

An NFT is a one-of-a-kind unit of data stored on a blockchain. Because of its unique properties, an NFT can neither be replaced nor interchanged, and it serves as the most secure proof of ownership. 

Traditionally, NFTs have represented digital art, sports memorabilia and even iconic tweets. However, Voice Life’s IP adaptation of an NFT — its F-NFT — is based upon fractional ownership of its groundbreaking wireless power technology.

Voice Life F-NFTs will also have added security benefits, a unique holographic certificate of ownership and a unique identifier. In addition, it is building its own F-NFT platform that will be beneficial for innovators, companies and other interested participants.

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Voice Life, founded in 2015, is a development-stage technology company that has been building and evolving a continuous wireless power blockchain scalable network and transceiver — paving the way for tomorrow’s electronic devices to have secure, clean, continuous and limitless energy. The platform wants to share the next phase in its journey with the community.

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