Estonia, 17.05.2019 – VOLUM (the “Company”), a multi-dimensional blockchain technology holding company, is excited to announce the upcoming Initial Exchange Offering (“IEO”) of its VOLUM (VLM) utility token in partnership with LAToken Exchange (“LAToken”) beginning on May 13. LAToken is a rapidly growing exchange with a daily turnover exceeding $300 million, more than 300,000 registered traders, and over 320 crypto pairs available for trading, and was recently ranked in the top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world on

“LAToken has already secured itself a spot in the top tier among global exchanges, and their track record of excellence will help VLM establish a rapid path to robust and consistent liquidity,” commented Arnaldo A. Detrés, CEO of Bengala Technologies, LLC, the principle blockchain developer for the VOLUM platform. “The VLM token is native to what we believe to be the most promising emerging blockchain answer as the world searches for a genuine 21st century supply chain and logistics management solution. We also believe our model use-case portfolio represents a critical built-in advantage for achieving rapid platform traction capable of recursive market feedback into steady liquidity and demand growth for the VLM token.”

The VLM utility token is the native cryptocurrency powering the VOLUM supply chain and logistics management platform, an integration of algorithmic intelligence, Internet-of-Things (“IoT”) functionality, and a backbone of hybrid public and consortium blockchain architecture.

The VOLUM model use-case portfolio represents a diverse set of companies already onboarded as users on the VOLUM platform. Through the platform, they are able to carry out a wide range of blockchain transactions including: Payments, Rewards, Purchase Orders, Legal Contracts, Regulatory Compliance, Taxation, Shipment Management, Letters of Origin, Customs Documents, Inputs/Outputs and Inventory Ordering, Delivery/Parcel Tracking, IoT Monitoring and Reporting, Big Data Analytics, and Inputs and End-Product Tracking/Traceability.

“Blockchain is clearly the future of the $54 trillion supply chain marketplace,” continued Mr. Detrés. “Collaboration in real-time across the world demands a trustless, decentralized, smart-contract solution with a next-gen security profile. VOLUM will also be a primary beneficiary as the world moves to a 5G network standard, which is expected to dramatically augment the power and utility of IoT solutions. At the end of the day, we are convinced we have a supply chain solution that beats anything else out there right now. And LAToken is an exceptional partner as we hit the ground running.”


Through its platform and its native cryptocurrency token, VOLUM (VLM) is creating an ecosystem for amplifying the success of promising companies by giving them the required resources to grow into dominant forces in their respective markets and cause true industry disruption. The VOLUM platform will run exclusively on VLM utility tokens. VOLUM’s blockchain platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and will be fully capable of executing smart contracts. The platform consists of a marriage between the Internet-of-Things and the Blockchain to produce a comprehensive production solution for logistics and supply chain management. The VOLUM Use-Case Model Portfolio currently includes five vetted holdings: International Spirits & Beverage Group, Software Developers Associates, Inc., Energy Rescue Systems Corp., Gridpower Network Corp., and Assets Credit Management & Equity Financial, Inc.

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