If we keep up with the latest news on the cryptocurrency market, it’s clear that tokens from GameFi projects make up the majority of CoinMarketCap’s nonfungible token (NFT) portfolio. 

Hundreds of other game initiatives continue to emerge, capturing investor interest. Unquestionably, GameFi is pushing finance into new territory, where playing and creating in virtual worlds come together to allow users to invest, earn and contribute to popular culture.

Blockchain games are being developed in various genres, and with Zombie World Z, players will have a chance to enjoy exceptional visuals with thrilling themes. The aim is to allow gamers to enjoy the dynamics and realistic qualities of a GameFi project. 

Immersing yourself in the virtual world of Zombie World Z

Zombie World Z is one of the pioneer games that applies the metaverse and combines virtual reality (VR) on the Binance Smart Chain toward a play-to-earn game economy. It was upgraded and developed into a 3D blockchain game based on the 2D version, which is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

The appealing features of Zombie World Z include several characters and NFTs. The gameplay varies from single-player to multiplayer modes, which include exciting events that allow participants to earn valuable rewards. “Boss Hunt Metaverse” is one of the product’s most impressive and unique features. 

Zombie World Z creates an open economy for players, allowing them to freely purchase and sell weapons and NFT pets and earn profits, helping to build more advanced items. 

The world’s first metaverse blockchain game was successfully tested and will be launched in early 2022

Partners and investors include well-known firms such as BSCStation, Spark Digital Capital, Onebit Ventures, Basics Capital, X21 Digital, ZBS Capital, Top 7 ICO, KingdomStarter, Titan Ventures, VBC Ventures, BSC News, Cryptorank, TokenSuite, TCVN, Gagarin Crypto, Crypto Family, Jlaunchpad, G. Crypto and Daku. 

As Zombie World Z expands and gets its tentacles in the metaverse GameFi ecosystem, its doors will open to new investment corporations and potential users. The game could be an outstanding candidate for the top blockchain VR games by next year.

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