VXLD is bringing a real-world currency to the blockchain, ensuring global liquidity, financial freedom and stability in volatile markets. VXLD is a stable value currency pegged strictly 1:1 to the United States dollar.

Founded in 2021, VXL Dollar is the first brand new stablecoin that is backed by physical precious metals held in custody in the United Arab Emirates’ largest security houses. The initial supply is currently 2 billion VXLD backed by nickel wire isotopes. 

VXLD tokens are issued on four major VM-compatible blockchains to ensure easier trading — VXL Network, Ethereum, Tron and Polygon.

VXL Dollar is the native stablecoin on the VXL Network blockchain.

VXL Network is a next-generation blockchain that implements an AI-powered delegated proof-of-vote (AIDPOV) consensus mechanism for dramatically improved scalability, high security and interoperability for the future of digital assets, decentralized applications and Web3. Since VXL Network is relying neither on mining nor on minting, it is an eco-friendly, sustainable solution for users and the future of blockchain.

Like any other cryptocurrency, VXL Dollar can be transferred, stored, spent and withdrawn to reach the needs of its tokenholders. 

 VXLD is a multi-utility token. It provides six main services:

  • Payments system
  • Liquidity pools on exchanges
  • Application for the metaverse
  • Swaps
  • NFT marketplaces
  • Central bank utility.

Our stablecoin can be purchased from regulated exchanges and decentralized finance platforms. As such, we can help protect traders and speculators from the volatility of other cryptocurrencies. 

VXLD tokens can be easily purchased directly via the VXLD official website and the following decentralized exchanges with upcoming listings coming soon.

Current exchanges: 

The VXL Dollar will give you all the benefits of a digital currency, with the added security and convenience of a traditional currency.

Therefore, the VXL Dollar is a better alternative to any digital currency out there.