As Web3 walking app Walken continues to grow and welcome more and more players (who come from Web2 to a great extent), it is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for everyone. While the tech team focuses on building a secure product with anti-fraud algorithms in place, leaving no space for any attempts at abuse or scam, the Walken team makes every effort to educate its community and players about the risks and dangers of scamming, and teach them how to keep their assets out of harm’s way. After all, informed and empowered users are the best defence against scams and fraudulent activities. For this reason, the Walken team is eager for the opportunity to not only protect the interests of its community but also empower people to take action against scamming today.

Walken’s new partnership with Web3 Antivirus aims to enhance security and safety in the world of Web3. Web3 Antivirus offers Chrome and Brave extensions that identify threats and warns users about potential risks and scams, thus providing an additional layer of security.

The Walken team strongly believes that collaboration is the key to ensuring a safer Web3 environment, and that by uniting its efforts, it will be able to provide more users with the necessary tools to protect themselves in the wider Web3 ecosystem.

As part of Walken’s partnership, new users can use the Web3 Antivirus extension for free for six months and benefit from its advanced threat-detection and warning system.

Follow this link to get started.

Note that Solana is not supported yet, but is coming very soon, speeded up thanks to the partnership with Web3 Antivirus.

This marks just the beginning of what the team at Walken believes will be a long and meaningful partnership, whereby both parties can explore future opportunities together that are sure to bring significant benefits to the entire Web3 community.



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