Thanks to the efforts of technology, the financial institutions worldwide are experiencing a positive turn in operating and investing activities in the sector. The world is rapidly shifting from traditional financial services to digital services, including the mass adoption of digital payments of goods and services.

Blockchain technology has also played a crucial role in this evolution by providing the infrastructure to develop cryptocurrencies and payment platforms that has improved cross-border transactions. 

Wallex, an innovative blockchain project, aims to build on this by creating a platform where users can take the full benefits of the emerging blockchain industry and easily start using cryptocurrencies.

Transforming the financial sector

Wallex is an all-in-one asset and digital asset ecosystem which lets the everyday user enter the digital asset space quickly and implement cryptocurrency in their business and day-to-day life. The pandemic has created a means for merchants and business owners to connect with buyers through online marketing digital payments. Additionally, cryptocurrency adoption is widespread, and business owners collaborate with payment platforms to ensure that consumers can pay using digital currencies.

Wallex is a platform for everyone, including individuals, businesses, brokers, and fintech projects. Furthermore, Wallex provides innovative banking by offering services that allow users to enjoy traditional financial products on the blockchain.  This service is called Neobanking. Neobanking is a new generation banking platform that provides multi-fiat currencies and multi-cryptocurrency accounts and allows users to spend crypto with their cards. The platform enables users to get easy and fast access to their payments, cryptocurrencies, and interest in their crypto or fiats in a secure infrastructure.

With Neobanking, users can open an account worldwide and get verified within seconds. Other benefits of this innovative banking service include swift sending and receiving of funds without transaction fees, great staking options to increase wealth, access to plastic or virtual cards for daily expenses, buying and selling cryptocurrency at the best price, and high-security limitless exchanges.

Moreover, the platform has a crypto payment gateway known as Wallex Pay. Wallex Pay represents a dynamic and innovative payment processing platform that allows merchants and vendors to accept cryptocurrency payments without risking security. The payment gateway connects vendors and customers, allowing online payments to be processed swiftly and securely. In addition, users can bridge the gap between tangible assets and digital assets through TOKASH (Tokenised Cash Payments for Digital Companies).

Wallex team has recently announced the launch of their own Wallex Exchanges - Wallex Exchange, and Wallex PRO Trade. 

Wallex Exchange was designed with an easy and comprehensive interface for those who are new to trading, whereas the Wallex PRO Trade features all intermediate and advanced traders’ tools. 

Clients can trade, exchange, stake, lend, borrow and hold fiat and digital assets in a safe and regulated environment. Furthermore, users can withdraw their funds quickly and securely using multi-party computing.

More developments on the horizon

Wallex recently launched EURST as a service which is one of the most significant achievements of the payment protocol. EURST is the first representative of euro stablecoin, 100% asset-backed and live-audited. 

One of the future goals of the payment gateway platform is not only to bring a positive revolution in the financial sector but to expand its presence globally, launch the institutional program and become a commercial trust for digital currencies by providing stablecoin services on a large scale to enhance the adoption of cryptocurrency.

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