WarSindia has introduced itself to the digital ecosystem and blockchain industry with its first-ever real-time strategy (RTS) GameFi model, charging against the existing blockchain gaming experiences. 

WarSindia aims to bring a unique experience for its users in the digital gaming industry and adapt multiple models to present vast and subjective use cases for people who are part of the ecosystem. WarSindia plans to incorporate different elements in a single game based on providing all users with a unique environment and larger possibilities for growth.

Blockchain-gaming models have been gaining considerable traction in the digital industry; this has made many potential projects and platforms tap into this futuristic idea and provide synthesized growth for this prevailing industry. WarSindia believes in taking that extra step, which has been achieved with its significant model of GameFi technology. This has brought gaming and decentralized finance closer to the gaming industry. It combines the basic elements of nonfungible tokens (NFTs), metaverses, lands, heroes and a tower defense strategy, which introduces the integration of NFT Hero Cards in player-versus-player battles. This, however, needs more understanding and explanation to the gaming community. Before moving into the gameplay, it is important to realize what dynamics WarSindia brings for its users and the GameFi community as a whole.

GameFi, as a model, has been presented and utilized by many prominent digital gaming projects. Many, however, have failed to utilize it to the fullest. This is usually due to the lack of variety needed to keep the game entertaining. This stunted gaming environment did not offer the potential usability and opportunities that WarSindia believes are the GameFi model’s actual possibilities. Another feature that is lacking in most gaming models is the unavailability of selling NFTs for actual money outside the game. Cross-platform operability has been a question that most games have failed to answer. These are some of the issues WarSindia is solving in the GameFi industry.

WarSindia has been introduced into the prevailing gaming industry under the principles of engaging, exciting and rewarding players, with a focus on variety. This is the main driving force behind its success and profitability. While setting up a complete NFT game space for its users, WarSindia is a project that initiates the concept of complete ownership of in-game assets.

To understand the gameplay in-depth, it’s important to note that users are provided with a platform where they can collect Lands and Heroes for building Air Fortresses to fight and defend the borders of the Sindia continent. In simpler words, players are directed to assemble their Air Combat Fortress, set up their dedicated army and combat with fellow players with Air Combat Fortresses. This immersive gameplay provides variety in operating as a player in the metaverse.

This potential gameplay is a clear example of how the developers have been working on the project to make it as immersive as games such as Minecraft in the existing gaming industry. As everyone knows, Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures. A player can build anything imagined with unlimited resources in creative mode or go on grand expeditions in survival mode, journeying across mysterious lands and into the depths of their own infinite worlds. Combining this with blockchain technology, WarSindia has been able to introduce NFTs for effective trading and allow people to trade and sell them for real money. The exchangeable NFTs and the existence of the play-to-earn technique in the system bring up the wide-scale possibilities of earnings in the game while enjoying the gaming experience.

Warsindia has recently started its whitelisting competition, which has gotten a lot of attention in the digital space to this date. This competition will conclude on April 11, 2022. This will be a direct ticket for the potential buyers to be part of the pre-sale event of WarSindia Army Boxes. This event, referring to the Army Boxes, will contain exclusive items that buyers can only get at this particular event. This exclusive coverage is quite encouraging for buyers who believe that WarSindia will bring a change to the blockchain-gaming community.

About WarSindia

WarSindia is set to become the world’s first RTS GameFi platform that provides users with entertaining gameplay combined with profitable systems and opportunities. The game initiates the concept of complete ownership of the in-game assets and induces immersive gameplay that allows users to invade other players in the space. This game is set to reach the heights of extreme gameplays with profitable results.