• Waterfall DeFi secured strategic financing from reputable investors in the digital asset and blockchain space, led by GBV Capital, Divergence Ventures and Ascensive Assets.

  • These investments will be used to further develop, deploy and market Waterfall DeFi to become the first true risk diversification DeFi protocol to help users better optimize their yield farming strategies.

Aug. 31, 2021 — Waterfall DeFi announced the completion of $2 million in financing led by GBV Capital, Divergence Ventures and Ascensive Assets, joined by other key strategic investors including AscendEX, ROK Capital, Boxmining, Genblock Capital, Marshland Capital, Morningstar Ventures, One Block Capital, Portico Ventures, Synaps as well as notable angels from the decentralized finance sector including C.R.E.A.M. Finance’s Leo Cheng, Linear Finance’s Kevin Tai and IOSG Ventures’ Xinshu Dong.

Waterfall DeFi is the first true risk diversification DeFi protocol that enables users to carefully optimize their yield farming strategy by investing in different “tranches” of a yield product portfolio. The protocol will first launch on the Binance Smart Chain, but aims to become platform agnostic down the line. “Tranching essentially means an aggregation and redistribution of yield (and principal) based on the seniority grouped into tranches,” said 0xWaterfall, founder of Waterfall DeFi, who has had over 10 years working at top tier financial organizations within their structured product division. 

“We have seen a wide range of DeFi yielding products with different risk profiles, but as we push further we struggle to find a way to truly leverage our risk appetite and further optimize our yield farming strategy,” said Tom Cheng, project lead of Waterfall DeFi, adding, “We want to give our users the ability to easily choose, product by product, their investments on the trade off between risk versus. yield. Unlike others in the market, Waterfall DeFi is going to deploy into multiple yield farms or crypto assets with a product, thus truly achieve the risk diversification nature of the structured product and democratize this in DeFi. Waterfall DeFi aims to become the go-to platform that would provide this solution to the DeFi community. Our core team consists of professionals who have had years of experience in traditional finance, blockchain and crypto trading, which will bring not only expertise in the DeFi space, but also wisdom from traditional institutional markets, especially in structured financial products.”

“I am excited to be backing Waterfall DeFi alongside the set of fantastic early supporters. The team’s experience in both blockchain and financial markets alongside their bias for action will allow them to bring innovative products to market quickly. Advanced structural financial products is where DeFi is moving into and I look forward to Waterfall's rise as a leader in this space,” said Leo Cheng, co-founder and project lead of C.R.E.A.M. Finance.

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