The Occam DAO, an interchain DAO-governed incubator, and Wavelength, a next-generation automated market maker, are proud to announce a new partnership to bring their combined expertise and resources to the Velas DeFi ecosystem.

Occam DAO x Wavelength: The people’s DEX

Much like the Occam DAO, Wavelength aims for full community governance and ownership of their protocol and utilizes highly efficient customizable liquidity pools built upon BalancerV2’s ingenious system to allow low-slippage trading on Velas blockchain.

Together with the Occam DAO, the two projects aim to revolutionize the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape on Velas and modernize its ecosystem.

The Occam DAO’s role

The Occam DAO will work with the Wavelength team to create and execute marketing campaigns that will help increase awareness and adoption of the exchange. This will include a range of tactics, such as social media marketing, content creation and community building.

All of this will be achieved using the Occam DAO’s existing incubation infrastructure and its thriving ambassador program. With the aid of the Occam DAO, Wavelength will cement its place as the premier decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Velas Network and leverage the interchain nature of the Occam DAO to discover new opportunities in the future. Communications contributor for Occam DAO, Dave, said:

“The Occam DAO and its members are looking forward to what the future holds with our new partners and the chance to improve the DeFi landscape on the Velas blockchain.”

Wavelength will also contribute to the Chakra pool — the weighted basket of tokens backing its new rewards system. With this contribution, Wavelength meaningfully adds the value of their project to Occam DAO members through the Chakra (CHAKRA) token, alongside the many other contributors to the Chakra pool.

Wavelength is building for its users

Wavelength is already making great strides in revolutionizing the trading experience for users of the Velas blockchain. The partnership with Occam DAO is expected to bring a new level of innovation to the Velas Network and its DeFi ecosystem. When combined with Occam DAO’s incubation expertise, Wavelength will be able to fulfill all of the impressive goals on its roadmap with maximum exposure at every step. Wavelength Labs CEO, Bernardo, said:

“Partnering with Occam DAO is the natural path forward to help both parties fulfill their role of bringing the Velas Ecosystem to a better future.”

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