The Waves ecosystem incubator, Waves Camp, has teamed up with WX.Network the leading DeFi exchange on Waves to help new projects bootstrap from the 1million strong userbase while giving WX users instant access to new project airdrops.

MIAMI — 04.11.22Waves Camp, an ecosystem incubator recently launched to grow the Waves ecosystem, is partnering with leading decentralized finance (DeFi) trading platform WX.Network (WX). The partnership will involve the development of WX launchpad, a fundraising platform aimed at helping projects bootstrap funding from the Waves Community.

“Waves is and will always be about its community and ecosystem first, so launching such a powerful tool as WX Launchpad is a logical and natural continuation of this approach,” said Waves founder Sasha Ivanov. “The platform will help countless new teams and projects find the resources they need to build on Waves, making the network, its users, and ecosystem even more powerful and inclusive.”


With the help of WX Launchpad, any developer who wants to build their projects within the Waves ecosystem will get easy access to crowdfunding — through listing their tokens on the exchange in an initial liquidity offering (ILO). In addition, projects that go through Waves Camp will get a guided path through the token verification process, further improving the value the Camp program can provide to projects looking to build on Waves.

Unlike ICOs and IEOs, an ILO allows teams to quickly start selling their tokens via spot trading on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Additionally, WX Launchpad will support many ILO start settings to help developers avoid the so-called “pump-and-dump” schemes.

From a WX user standpoint, the launchpad will offer numerous opportunities to buy tokens before they are listed publicly. In addition, locked WX token holders (gWX) will get instant access to all new project airdrops. With $240m worth of total value locked, WX is the largest exchange on Waves, so it was the most natural partner for Waves Camp to collaborate with on this project.

Ekin Tuna, Waves Camp Director, noted:

“We are excited to team up with WX.Network to help onboard hundreds of new projects to Waves. We see this as a win-win partnership; camp projects get access to bootstrapped liquidity and an active community of crypto investors, while WX.Network users get access to new tokens and airdrops before anyone else.”



About Waves

Launched in 2016, Waves is a global open-source platform for decentralized applications. Based on proof-of-stake consensus, Waves aspires to make the most of blockchain with a minimal carbon footprint. Waves technology stack can benefit any use cases that demand security and decentralization — open finance, personal identification, gaming, sensitive data, and many others.

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About Waves Camp

Waves Camp will support and launch the next generation of developers and entrepreneurs looking to build cornerstone startups to meet the needs of its growing Waves ecosystem.

Every ‘Camper’ receives up to $100k seed funding (per company) and verified access to WX Network Launchpad and crowdfunding. Additionally, funding can be used for liquidity pool support and market making.

But more than funding is needed to grow a successful company; in addition, all Campers will get full-service support to move at the considerable pace of a competitive Web3 startup. With access to experts and experienced peers, real people that can offer help at the moment will reduce overwhelm and decrease the time it takes to find solutions. In addition, Campers receive access to a library of asynchronous workshops, courses, and developer resources. They will have opportunities to participate in exclusive live workshops with other projects run by core Waves Developers.

Waves Campers will also have a head start over the competition with ready-made marketing, business development, and community packages of up to $100k to jumpstart their operations.

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About WX.Network

Launched in 2017 as Waves DEX, WX.Network is a robust platform for self-sovereign crypto management with a suite of investment tools in a convenient interface. WX.Network offers high transaction speed, and unprecedented security as users remain in sole control of their assets.

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