Launched on Dec. 1, 2022, it’s on a mission to become a reliable security guard for the Web3 community.

While Web3 is a landscape of endless opportunities, any prosperous field attracts its fair share of fraudsters. Smart contract and website forgery, malicious airdrops, phishing, compromised social media accounts and spamming are just a few of the dangers one might face. In Web3, it takes just one click to lose everything you own.

Alarmingly, more than $1.6 billion in crypto has gone missing in 2022 due to huge exploits in DeFi, far more than the heists of 2020 and 2021.

The Web3 Antivirus team decided that these situations shouldn’t have happened in the first place. On Dec. 1, 2022, it announced the launch of its top-notch solution aimed at keeping users’ assets safe.

What is Web3 Antivirus?

Web3 Antivirus is a free open-source Chrome extension that empowers users to navigate and transact safely in Web3 with zero setup. It leverages both the capabilities of proprietary security audit frameworks and a base of millions of websites within blocklists and allowlists that it draws data from.

The tool currently works with Ethereum, while Binance and Solana support is on the way.

W3A will never require users to provide access to their wallet, assets or seed phrase, which makes it a truly reliable and trustworthy companion.

How does Web3 Antivirus protect users?

The installation process is a no-brainer, requiring only to be downloaded and enabled on the browser. There is no need to integrate W3A with a wallet or to set it up. The tool supports Metamask, Coinbase Wallet and BitKeep Wallet, with other wallets to be added shortly.

Web3 Antivirus is triggered while users are browsing and when they’re about to sign a transaction or message.

While browsing, W3A checks domain names against its extensive database using AI similarity validation, searches and identifies suspicious content and hard-coded logic, and immediately alerts users if they’re headed toward a phishing site.

Before a user signs a transaction, W3A puts it on a brief hold and analyzes for potential red flags.

Suspicious logic, dangerous functions or compromising permissions to assets? A contract is unverified by the official creator or has a low transaction volume? W3A summarizes all potential threats in a report within seconds.

What’s more, the tool simulates the transaction and shows what would happen if it’s approved.

With all the information in hand, users take back control and make informed decisions about their next move concerning all potential risks.

Who’s behind the Web3 Antivirus?

The W3A team are Web3 and blockchain experts with a collective 50 years of expertise in the field.

According to Alex Dulub, the founder of Web3 Antivirus, “The key goal of the solution is to help the Web3 community save billions of dollars by making the ecosystem a safer place to cooperate and work in, which will benefit all stakeholders in the long run.”

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