Perth, Australia, April 18, 2022 — Envision, a Web3 platform allowing content creators to sell directly to buyers via a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange, has announced the launch of its VIS token presale for early investors on EktaChain, a rapidly growing layer-1 ecosystem that aims to bridge blockchain with the physical world. 

The VIS token presale will launch on April 19 and is accessible on EktaChain on the Envision website, with discounts available for EKTA tokenholders who are staking. It will be listed on Uniswap shortly after the token sale concludes. 

Envision is using blockchain technology to allow P2P exchange for stock images and videos. Content creators can sell directly to buyers and cut out the middleman, taking back control and avoiding hefty fees or forfeiting copyrights, in contrast to traditional stock photography platforms. Photographers and videographers will be able to upload their content directly to the Envision marketplace and set their own prices. 

For content listed on Envision, an associated nonfungible token (NFT) will be minted that provides proof of ownership. The flexible nature of NFTs makes it possible for content creators to sell complete ownership rights to their work or limited rights to use the content.

VIS is an ERC20-protocol token that will serve as the exclusive form of payment on the Envision marketplace, as well as providing other important functions such as distribution of rewards, funding for the platform and incentivizing network participants. 

The Envision decentralized app is built on the EktaChain blockchain, a decentralized P2P network blockchain that’s designed to bring physical assets and communities on-chain. Investors who are currently staking EKTA, the native cryptocurrency of EktaChain, will be entitled to VIS token discounts during the presale. 

The most significant discount is reserved for investors who have 5,000 EKTA staked. They can buy VIS for just $0.14 per token. The offer is capped at a maximum of 250,000 Tether (USDT), so the discount only applies to the first $250,000 of VIS tokens purchased by investors with 5,000 staked EKTA. 

Investors with a minimum of 500 staked EKTA will be able to obtain VIS at a price of $0.16 per token, with a max cap on the offer of 250,000 USDT. Finally, investors with at least 150 staked EKTA tokens will be eligible to buy VIS at $0.18 USDT, again capped at 250,000 USDT. 

The presale price of VIS for non-EKTA stakers is 0.20 USDT, also capped at $250,000, meaning only $1 million worth of VIS tokens is up for sale. 

“Envision is excited to forge a strong partnership with Ekta. With their guidance and expertise, we are able to provide a multichain public sale solution that is going to make purchasing VIS incredibly easy for all crypto enthusiasts,” said Thomas Iffla, chief operations officer of Envision. 

The VIS token presale will launch on EktaChain on April 19 at midnight UTC. Investors can purchase VIS tokens with USDT or a credit card. 

About Envision

Envision is a Web3 solution dedicated to giving stock media creators the power and control they deserve. Deriving utility from NFT and blockchain technology, Envision facilitates the P2P exchange of stock media content, where content creators market and sell directly to consumers while avoiding hefty fees, clunky contracts and the need to forfeit rights as per current Web2 solutions.


  • Miles Bradley, co-founder and chief financial officer —